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Posted on August 15 at 12:06 a.m.

The people of Montecito who push back on this project should be ashamed of themselves. Now 3 different developers will have come and gone, by the time you've chewed up and spit out Mr. Caruso. Each developer has come to the table with good proposals to make your community better. To help beautify the beach front area of Montecito and add to the community. They will bring jobs for local people and taxes to the community. Yet you push back on every project. You are idiots with nothing better to do. This community is going to grow whether you like it or not. Mr. Caruso should have the right to develop his land as he pleases. Look at all the great big estates, big buildings around SB (i,e, granada, arlington, court house) those couldn't be built today because of all the stupid restrictions. Thanks for nothing. Look at what Ty Warner has done with the Biltmore, it looks better than ever, you really missed out on the Miramar with him. Here's some advice, let the project go through, stop watering your extra 10 acres of grass that you don't use at your estate and while you're at it, why don't you fix up the corner of coast village road, by the freeway where the gas station was, it's makes such a nice entrance into Montecito.

On Caruso's Miramar: What Now?

Posted on June 8 at 12:23 p.m.

When will our community start letting the people who have the desire to make it a better place and should by right be able to develop their property as they wish. This is such a derelict property. It's time for this community to grow up. Let Mr. Caruso build a place for everyone.

On Shootout at Miramar Corral

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