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Posted on March 12 at 8:29 a.m.

I remember sitting by the fire at the RV ride listening to J J Holister tell stories about Den, Powers and the amazing times of early Santa Barbara. This was about 15 years ago, but those stories still linger in my memory. Later he invited us to his Ranch and the history lesson continued.
Thanks to all that keep History alive for the next generation.
A special thanks to J J,,, I read a lot because of you.. And I told my children the stories I was told!!!

On How Irish Immigrants Saved Santa Barbara

Posted on March 3 at 2:50 a.m.

Skid row Santa Barbara strikes again. Why is this such a hard problem to solve? Every City deals with crime and violence in a part of their city where those who are down on their luck or have just given up LIVE!! We all have to live somewhere!!! Police wait for a crime to motivate them into action. By then it's too late. Why can't the smart people of any city figure this out!!! Any suggestions?

On Police Make Arrest in Eastside Murder Case

Posted on February 13 at 5:21 p.m.

a+ Dr D,,, F&G are very busy playing with their TV show. A few hundred steelhead are wasted due to stupidity,,, who got busted???

On Can the Southern Steelhead Be Saved in Cold Springs Creek?

Posted on February 13 at 1:07 a.m.

Good luck ,, the fish and game are worthless bunch!!! I've been hearing how the steelhead are being saved for years. Don't hold your breath!!!

On Can the Southern Steelhead Be Saved in Cold Springs Creek?

Posted on February 2 at 6:59 a.m.

No guilt,, I bought or inherited all I own. Mine is from the upper Santa Clara river area,, similar to Tataviam. An identical one in the Smithsonian. As for who gets it when I'm gone,,, good question!!! Nobody has ask me. You were quite hostle in your posts, referring to my age and being out of touch with what you think is someone " eating my lunch". Why should I care what someone thinks should be " returned" to a tribe that has little or no knowledge of their culture identity . It not their fault!! Why would I not " admit" to owning an object that is legal in every respect!! It very rare and very beautiful. Even the Santa Barbara museum does not have one. Anyway dd have a nice day!!!

On Rightful Ownership

Posted on February 2 at 12:12 a.m.

DD ,, how about the French investors??? As for wiki,,, my grandson can do that!! I am lucky because I own a Chumash basket along with few other California baskets. I don't know how many " real Chumash exist or their correct address according to the experts on this posting forum,, but I enjoy reading about the culture. So have fun screaming about Camp 4,, make sure you tell each other how " these" Chumash aren't "real Chumash. I'll stay home,,,, miss the traffic and enjoy my personal museum!!!

On Rightful Ownership

Posted on January 31 at 8:05 p.m.

As for Dr Dan and his " french investors" , I think he should do his homework and then start writing! Most of the known Chumash baskets are right here in the Santa Barbara Museum. European museums have a few. Some private collectors , auctions , and dealers buy and sell them from time to time. The missions also have a few. As for the "french investors"" we can let DD explain .

On Rightful Ownership

Posted on January 31 at 7:48 p.m.

In 1971 I used to vist the Chumash reservation. I hunted deer on their land on occasion and was never treated poorly. In fact I used to give this old man $5 to help me gut and load the deer in the truck. He was grateful for some vennison and I never felt I was not wanted. In those days you could drive up the pass and you might not see five cars all the way to Santa Ynez.
That old Chumash man lived in a shack. He was poor. So were all those I saw on the reservation. It was bad!!!
So if the decendents of those who were nearly wiped from the earth, and reduced to living in "real" poverty, have found a way to have a better life I say" good for them". Buy land,, build a Museum,,, and for those who object,, the law is on the Chumash side! Times have changed !!! They have the money and the political connections to get what they want!!! They saw long ago the way Chumash are treated!! What else can you expect!! Santa Barbara may lose some tax money and hate the Casino traffic. Compare that with what these people have gone through! Chumash baskets come up for auction from time to time. I'm sure they can afford them as long as the Casinos are full. So get used to it Santa Barbara. You should have " walked" a nicer path when it comes to your Chumash neighbors.

On Rightful Ownership

Posted on December 28 at 1:21 p.m.

Look at all the comments about yOur new album,, Wow,,, must be the title!!!

On California Crossing with Cracker’s David Lowery

Posted on December 12 at 6:45 a.m.

1971,, was my first time at the Rose!!! The nicest people. My favorite combo,,and Agnus smiling!! great memories !! Thanks to all !!!

On Rose Café Matriarch Dies

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