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Posted on January 29 at 10:28 a.m.

well, nomo, Jerry Nadler got plenty of nastiness from the right...

The fact does remain: bad health habits drive up medical costs, whether it is Jerry Nadler overeating or Barack Obama smoking cigs. Increased medical costs drive up the deficit and medicare overspending (eventually). Nannyish control of eating does improve the US budget sheet.

And conservatives are just as nanny-ish, as any pro-Choice advocate will tell you... conservatives want to inspect women's, well, private parts. Except both birth control and abortion actually reduce medical costs on average.

I think Cathy Murillo looks great.

On <em>News-Press</em> Takes on Murillo

Posted on January 29 at 6:53 a.m.

``I do wonder pardall if you actually believe that stupidity or if you are just throwing out stuff for fodder.
You believe that Progressives are more transparent than Conservative?
You believe there is a difference by party affiliation?
We have a Justice Department under Obama that has continually refused to release records about their actions and this is somehow a right wing flaw?
In spite of what the brain dead left rails on about there is not a lick of difference between the transparency of the Bush or Obama White Houses.''

Sure, the intent of Conservatives & non-Conservatives to hide information is equal, and Conservatives are usually more honest in saying that they want to just bury & hide information. See Lawrence Walsh' comments about the Bush Sr. diaries.

But Conservatives do have better attorneys on average because they have more money.

And only one impeachment has happened in the last 100 years. It was foisted on the American people by Conservatives. What a massive waste of time and resources, but I guess Conservatives believe that deficit spending on impeachment and the related trial is fine and dandy.

On <em>News-Press</em> Takes on Murillo

Posted on January 28 at 7:03 a.m.

I'm still waiting for the list of visitors that Dick Cheney saw at the White House when he was in office. As I recall, that list ended up being kept secret. I guess conservatives can keep their politicians' contacts secret, but non-conservatives must have every breath documented and available for review by conservatives.

On <em>News-Press</em> Takes on Murillo

Posted on January 27 at 5:17 p.m.

Perhaps it is the truth that no religion is true, and that religion on the balance holds back human civilization from being better in every conceivable manner.

On The Tragedy of Paris

Posted on January 22 at 2:50 p.m.

Loonpt... I have an acquaintance who'd love to play reveille on his bugle outside your window at 4:30am every day, at 130 dB, for 1 hour exactly. A wonderful example of artistic expression. How about it?

On City College's Fence-Mending Menu

Posted on December 22 at 11:43 p.m.


Page 2 plan 6B.

On Jury Awards UCSB Alum $120,000 in Excessive Force Case

Posted on December 22 at 5:49 p.m.

Darn few mostly residential areas... like, say, Ellwood, or Winchester Canyon, or, La Cumbre.... are asked to be self supporting in absence of their commercial neighborhood. Santa Barbara County put IV's commercial neighborhood out at Storke & Hollister via zoning. IV's movie theater and main book store, the Magic Lantern & Red Lion, were driven out of business by DA Minier et al for false charges of obscenity in the 1960's.

Nevertheless, IV is still a net source of $ for the County.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 22 at 2:20 p.m.

Wasting money on criminals *anywhere* in the County or the State or anywhere else, not just Isla Vista, is money badly spent. We only do it because we must.

Grand Jury? Hasn't ever been a member from Isla Vista on the SB County Grand Jury in the entire history of the Grand Jury, as far as I know. Lots of people from Isla Vista have applied.

The only way to get an honest evaluation of IV's $ costs and revenues is to hire a hard-hitting government auditor from outside the County, who has experience with all the ways Counties hide money.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 22 at 10:06 a.m.

Well, it has been 50 years that the County has complained about the cost of IV, and not once have they done a careful spreadsheet of all income (including state per-capita distributions, federal, etc) and of expenses.

That they don't do that, but complain all the time about the cost of IV, proves to me that IV is in actual fact a moneymaker. If it was truly a money loser, the facts would have been pulled out every Tuesday at the Supes meetings.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 22 at 9:12 a.m.

JarJar, of course you never post a spreadsheet of costs for your fantasies, because, well, they are fantasies.

The spreadsheets of costs made by sober people always show that IV is quite a moneymaker for the County.

$3 million = yearly law enforcement cost.
$50 million = sales, bed, and property tax generated by UCSB and Isla Vista residents, employees, and visitors, that Richardson (bless him) now wants retained for spending in Isla Vista.

It will be nice for all UCSB parents who make side trips to Solvang and the Santa Ynez wine country to know that all their bed tax and sales tax will be sent back to Isla Vista!

The City of Santa Barbara has a higher rate of rape than Isla Vista does.

And it is Goleta, with recurrent mass murders like Holzer and San Marco, that is a big law enforcement drain.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

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