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Posted on December 22 at 10:06 a.m.

Well, it has been 50 years that the County has complained about the cost of IV, and not once have they done a careful spreadsheet of all income (including state per-capita distributions, federal, etc) and of expenses.

That they don't do that, but complain all the time about the cost of IV, proves to me that IV is in actual fact a moneymaker. If it was truly a money loser, the facts would have been pulled out every Tuesday at the Supes meetings.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 22 at 9:12 a.m.

JarJar, of course you never post a spreadsheet of costs for your fantasies, because, well, they are fantasies.

The spreadsheets of costs made by sober people always show that IV is quite a moneymaker for the County.

$3 million = yearly law enforcement cost.
$50 million = sales, bed, and property tax generated by UCSB and Isla Vista residents, employees, and visitors, that Richardson (bless him) now wants retained for spending in Isla Vista.

It will be nice for all UCSB parents who make side trips to Solvang and the Santa Ynez wine country to know that all their bed tax and sales tax will be sent back to Isla Vista!

The City of Santa Barbara has a higher rate of rape than Isla Vista does.

And it is Goleta, with recurrent mass murders like Holzer and San Marco, that is a big law enforcement drain.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 22 at 8 a.m.

``What do you think of Solvang Mayor Richardson and new SBCAG President's proposal for Fort Isla Vista in Sunday's NewsPress - full annexation of IV''

If Richardson really means to support the retention of the $8 million/year in IV property taxes and the $40 million/year in sales tax, bed tax, and gas tax paid by IV residents & UCSB employees , all for spending in IV, with not a dime of that tax money going elsewhere, I fully support him.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 22 at 7:02 a.m.

Except the sheriff doesn't do *any* CSI in Isla Vista... not a single report has ever come out with details of either Deltopia or the Rodger crimes.

Blight mitigation, what are you talking about? There is 0 blight mitigation paid for by the County.

Crowd control... well, yes, that is expensive, with the 10 or 20 court cases now in the pipeline against unreasonable use of force. The County stands to lose $1 million per case, not to mention all attorneys costs. Padilla was the tip of the iceberg. The mistakes of the Sheriff might easily cost the taxpayer $30 million.

Too bad the Sheriff can't train his deputies so they don't slam the heads of sober kids with water balloons into the curb. And too bad the NRA hasn't rushed to the defense of those who carry water balloons to defend themselves.

Of course, if the kids in IV carried firearms to defend themselves through open carry, JarJar and the NRA would rush to their defense.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 22 at 6:54 a.m.

The 2012 rate of rape in the City of Santa Barbara of 59 per 100,000 was over 4 times that in New York City. The rate of burglaries in the City of Santa Barbara is 3 times higher than in New York City, and the rate of theft in the City of Santa Barbara is 2 times higher.

UCSB's plan is not to `just increas the student body by 5000 for next year.'. It is 1% growth for 22 years, a much lower growth rate than all surrounding communities.

On Jury Awards UCSB Alum $120,000 in Excessive Force Case

Posted on December 21 at 11:29 a.m.

That JarJar says `` IV represents negative costs to the taxpayers on a chronic level. '' is demonstrably false, and makes no sense. IV is a source of at least $5 million a year to the County, which spends at most $3 million a year in IV.

A scream that nomoresanity prefers no error bars to a solid attempt to estimate error bars. For sure the 150% more violent crime per capita in IV is based on fewer than 10 events per year... Siméon Denis Poisson is laughing at you from the beyond.

But there a simple agenda of JarJar & nomoresanity: take the IV taxpayers money and spend it on the corruption that they support, and then lie about it if anyone notices their mendacity.

Not a peep from them that deputies beat up 19 year olds with water balloons in IV, and that those deputies (like Roger Aceves) can retire at age 50 with >$100,000/year. Even Kelly Hoover who criticizes duly sworn juries while being paid by the taxpayer earns a magnificent pension.

Because in nomoresanity and JarJar's world, government corruption is wonderful as long as they and their friends benefit.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 21 at 8:54 a.m.

Except that the premise that the student body will increase by 5,000 next year is not true. It is a slow growth over 20 years. So much for logic.

Crime rates (per capita) are generally inversely correlated with density in any case.

On Jury Awards UCSB Alum $120,000 in Excessive Force Case

Posted on December 21 at 8:51 a.m.

IV is by far a net source of income for Santa Barbara County. Even the cityhood analysis done a while ago showed this... the city of Isla Vista, when both general funds and road funds were considered, generates over $5 million a year. County policing costs these days $3 million a year. The County has in the past claimed that planning services for IV cost over $1 million a year, but recently admitted they spent only $6,250 per year over the past 4 years in IV.

All the negative propaganda about IV is just an effort to divert attention from the spreadsheets and detailed audits, which always show that IV is a revenue generator for the County.

This author has no concept of error bars... as for violent crime, 150 percent plus or minus what? Probably 80%, due to the infrequent nature of violent crime. Any statistic like that reported without an error bar is useless.

Then there is also an error because it is pointless to compare crime rates of 20 year olds in IV with the general population outside of IV, which includes crime rates of people, say, 70-100 years old. Crime among the elderly is rare, except for bad auto driving.

The proper comparison is to compare equivalent age demographics. No-one ever bothers to do that for IV, because the people who gather the statistics have no desire for accuracy; they are just trying to support the propaganda that IV is a problem.

And note how law enforcement has recently suffered a major loss in court for committing police brutality in IV... our local media, including the Indy, didn't bother to even report the suit until it was decided. That is because the suit didn't fit the media's Isla Vista narrative.

Meanwhile Desmond Edwards, who allegedly started the Deltopia riot, has dropped out of the news. Probably because in the end he simply didn't start the riot. And quite likely there are a bunch of brutality cases underway due to the Deltopia actions of local police, where the County is likely to lose another couple of million.

On The Isla Vista Problem Isn’t an Isla Vista Problem

Posted on December 20 at 11:36 p.m.

The killings of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos are awful and of course reprehensible.

I fail to see how they justify injuring a 19-year-old in IV carrying water balloons, however.

JarJar ***LOVES*** to pay 3%@50 pensions to his friends, while ranting about high pension debt for those he doesn't like.

On Jury Awards UCSB Alum $120,000 in Excessive Force Case

Posted on December 20 at 12:03 a.m.

I guess JarJar loves paying Kelly Hoover her 3%@50 pension so she can continue flakking on the public dime against a jury verdict.

Juries are just idiots, Kelly Hoover might think. Send down some Padilla's to show that jury how to be respectful, she might say. And both Hoover and Padilla say: gimme gimme 3%@50 pensions for whacking kids with water balloons and questioning federal juries.

On Jury Awards UCSB Alum $120,000 in Excessive Force Case

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