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Posted on September 23 at 12:43 p.m.

Exactly well said above, the Dream Act does not aid financially to any of these students, its only a path to legalization. The United States is taking its jobs over seas; and also giving out B-1 visas for foreigners to come take our jobs for less pay. It only makes sense to give these students home made with american values who were here since small the opportunity to work hard for this country who they love as their own. this country shape them and saw them grow. The DReAm Act only makes sense many students cannot work due to the lack of nine digits , students highly competive and qualified for corporate america. Many of these students pursuing their careers in MATH n sciences the area this country needs to be competitive internationally and strenghten its economy, also many of these students are pursuing majors to give back to the cummunity, is would be selfish and unsmart not to give them a path to legalization to work for america, HOME , highly qualified and hard working professionals made with american values! DREAM ACT makes sense n we need it now! :)

On Dreams Deferred

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