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Posted on April 14 at 8:17 a.m.

Just out of curiosity, do the surviving relatives share in any of the profits made on the lives of deceased family members featured in productions such as this?

On Review: <em>Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical</em>

Posted on March 28 at 8:31 p.m.

Usually, someone making any kind of a description of another, especially one so negative, has the responsibility to supply details or at least a link. But never mind. Chopra will be speaking in Santa Barbara, the home of the University of California, before a respected and well educated audience. And the price is not cheap. Then, too, he is, from the description, established in La Jolla, a city with a culturally similar demographic to Santa Barbara, where he apparently enjoys a good reception. So it's difficult to believe that so well educated a demographic in both cities can be "conned by such fraudulent charlatans." That's rather strong language. So let's see the reviews coming from this well educated audience.

Have a good day!

On Deepak Chopra

Posted on March 28 at 2:46 p.m.

I never got that impression from listening to him. I detected nothing of a "fraud," "scam artist," or "charlatan" in him

Can you be specific?

Chomsky has had his moments, too, with equally powerful accusations. In fact, one video shows the scholar being confronted during a lecture in terms equally as powerful as yours online.

As I have asked, please be specific. What court actions or suits brought against him?

On Deepak Chopra

Posted on March 28 at 9:49 a.m.

Like Noam Chomsky, Chopra is one of the leading intellects of our time. It's an amazing experience hearing both!

On Deepak Chopra

Posted on March 28 at 9:45 a.m.

"The victim BECAME DRUNK and was then assaulted by Love, Harwood said." Come again? It is almost always the case in matters of rape that the "victim" BECAME DRUNK. Isn't it about time we start taking a close look at this boilerplate? It absolves the "victim" of any personal responsibility in this situation. After all, she was DRUNK! One "victim" testified that when she "woke up," the perp was not only on top of her but in the throes of an orgasm. Look, rape is malum in se. No question. But people who show reckless disregard for their own safety are taking the spotlight away from the true victims of rape, many of whom have paid the full measure, death, for something they never invited in the first place.

On Homeless Man Arrested for Raping 15-Year-Old

Posted on March 18 at 9:27 a.m.

Kenny's entire musical career is Americana at its finest!

On Kenny Rogers Heads to Chumash Casino

Posted on March 14 at 9:56 a.m.

Organizations established along humanitarian lines for those between a rock and a hard place should not be confused as cottage industries, providing career opportunities for staff. On the contrary, where possible -- and admittedly it might be difficult to achieve -- volunteerism should be the order of the day!

On Homeless Shelter Directors Laid Off

Posted on March 13 at 3:56 p.m.

"Move Saves Casa Esperanza Nearly $200,000 a Year in Salaries and Benefits..." What percentage of the total yearly operating budget was this sum? That's what happens when you give employees fancy titles such as Homeless Shelter Director! Tsk! Tsk!

On Homeless Shelter Directors Laid Off

Posted on March 7 at 8:33 a.m.

Yes, I meant Ben Taylor. His mother happens to be one of my favorite singers. It's the unusual, as in Billie Holiday, quality of her voice that's interesting.

On Ben Taylor

Posted on March 7 at 8:31 a.m.

Ben Simon is certainly interesting on other levels, too. For example, Wiki says of his mother, singer Carly Simon, " Her [Carly's] father was Jewish and her mother was of Swiss-German, Spanish, and Afro-Cuban descent." So a sizable UN representation runs through his veins!

On Ben Taylor

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