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Posted on August 31 at 10:53 p.m.

I just want to say that I do not agree with a lot of Charles D's review. He used passive aggressive expression and large words/references to look smart, probably because he did not fully understand what the play was truly about. I think he missed its deeper meaning... I saw the play two times and both times I was blown away by the new version of the script based on the original Christmas Carol that I had to read time and time again in Elementary school and Jr. High. Moving away from the holiday season was brilliant and worked well for me. This production hit me to the core---made me uneasy at times with its truth and beauty about how life really is and can be. I wonder if, for those who are not ready or comfortable enough to FEEL, they really were able to get the plays’ total experience, which was filled with a roller coaster of experiences that force the audience to feel joy, sorrow, pain, anger, and frustration. The audience has to feel real life squeezed into such a short amount of time (less then 2 hrs) and Proximity did one of the most incredible jobs of showing this that I have seen in my 20 years of viewing theater all over the country and also in London. I felt my own anxieties, my own experiences from my past that I could relate to Scrooge's inner journey---one of the most challenging and uncomfortable things to do. They made me experience and feel this challenge but also find light and remember to stay connected to humor in life through their epic-humorous dance party scenes and fun dialogs.

I would recommend this amazing and local new company to any true theater goer. The director has a true gift for how she sets up the visual aspects of this play--- it is balanced and beautiful—she has a great artistic eye that makes it feel like you are seeing one beautiful photograph after another—but it is live and continuous. The shadows and lighting were placed very deliberately. The music was fantastic and moving giving me Goosebumps, the actors were outstanding as they played many roles throughout the show and kept in character throughout. The script was fun, thought provoking, risky, and flowed very smoothly from the actors lips. I was able to leave my 2012 SB life and join the future fully just as they intended... I am excited to have such a talented theater company in SB now. I'm sorry he had to make such passive aggressive comments at the end of some of his paragraphs in this review because he missed out on a gift that so many of us who "GOT" the play received. In honor of Tiny; God Bless Proximity...

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