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Posted on May 13 at 2:10 p.m.

Unfortunatly alot of the information that the general public recieves about sexual assault is based on myths and misconceptions.

A few facts:

1 in 4: The number of girls who experience sexual assault before age 18

1 in 6: The number of guys who experience sexual assault before age 18

80%: The percentage of sexual assaults that happen between people who know each other

84%: The percentage of rapes that are never reported to the police

98%: The percentage of people who report a sexual assault who are telling the truth

Its important to believe people that come forward and share an experience of being violated. Lets not perpetuate this violence any further by BLAMING survivors of sexual assault and justifying the negative actions that were committed against them.

The Jeschke case is a clear example of someone taking advantage of their power (age, position in school) to violate a student.

Remember, sexual violence is all about power and control and no one ASKS to be sexually assaulted.

On Teens Take Stand in Jeschke Trial

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