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Posted on September 28 at 5:41 p.m.

~The Story of Davidson Seamount~

When Mother Ocean felt artistic
and put her brush to canvas

a whirlpool drew volcanoes up
and spread them wide as Kansas

She sprinkled them with sunlight
and life began to grow

Algae bugs and rainbow slugs
and fishes that could glow

Sea fans and anemones
and whispy things with legs

Shrimp with striped antennae
eating phytoplankton eggs

When she was done, she raised her thumb
and corals grew like trees

“ I name thee Davidson Seamount”
and she shouted, "Masterpiece!"

-Joey Racano

As you may have heard, our movement to save California's rugged Central Coast from Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation's plan to blast 500 square nautical miles of it with 260db air cannon explosions at a rate of once every 13 seconds, 24 hours a day for 43 straight days -then repeat next year- has so far been successful.

PG and E asked the California Coastal Commission to delay hearing the proposed project from October 10th in Oceanside, California to their next meeting on November 14th in Santa Monica California. The proposed project has also now been downsized to include only 'Box 4', also known as Estero Bay.

The new plan remains dangerous, destructive and unnecessary and although Point Buchon State Marine Reserve has been spared, the project's new incarnation threatens Morro Bay East estuary State Marine reserve, Cambria State Marine Reserve, and to the Northwest, Davidson Seamount!

Please join us on October 8th in Avila California, as we celebrate the victory so far, and move ahead with saving the Davidson Seamount from the ravages of 260db seismic testing with air cannons.

~Calling of the Whales~

See the event calendar for maps to the event, sponsored by Pampered Chef, Earth and Sky Studio, Fierce Cycling Adventures, Farmers Kites, Surreys and More, and endorsed by Greenpeace, Ocean Outfall Group, Earthcorps, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, San Luis Obispo Surfrider Foundation, Great Whales Conservancy and others.

Come meet Mz Blue, the 90' Great Blue Whale, a Gray Whale dirigible, visit the nearby Avila Beach Sea Life Center, participate in story telling, a Chumash blessing, music, and watch Greenpeace unfurl their banner!


The Calling of the Whales event begins at 3:00pm in the parking lot at Avila, Mz Blue will be visible from San Luis Bay Drive on the left as you enter town! At sundown, we will gather around a roaring fire on Port San Luis Beach, where a member of the Chumash Tribe will blow the sacred Conch Shell and Call to the Whales of Avila!

Special Guests!

With love and respect,

On Facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

On Staring Down a Sound Gun

Posted on August 23 at 9:02 p.m.

SB DUDE, Let me educate you about the faults beneath Diablo. There are 2 that go right underneath and the shoreline runs right out in front. But the real danger comes from the Hosgri, the San Simeon and the San Gorgonio faults, which all line up to make one big 250 mile long fault capable of generating an earthquake bigger than the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant can ever be retrofitted to withstand.

Seismic testing is putting us all in danger because it allows PG and E to delay removal of the nuclear plant sitting on several earthquake faults!

Joey Racano

On Plan Approved to Find Faults Near Diablo Canyon

Posted on August 23 at 2:22 a.m.

Maybe the title should have read: Plan ok'd to find OIL, since the San Luis Obispo Supervisors are fighting to switch the testing ship from one who flies the flag of a University to one that flies that of big oil.

The State Lands Commission actually did not even vote; by the time the vote came, all three were replaced by shadowy alternates who got caught lying and had to publicly apologize later in the meeting! Just when unprecedented numbers of whales show up in force, these 260db blasts threaten to wipe them out with a hideous death, and there is growing outrage *on facebook visit Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing).

Seismic testing is putting us all in danger because it allows PG and E to delay removal of the nuclear plant sitting on several earthquake faults!

Joey Racano, Director
California Ocean Outfall Group

On Plan Approved to Find Faults Near Diablo Canyon

Posted on April 7 at 3:45 p.m.

75% of the trees used in California by our endangered Monarch Butterflies are Eucalyptus, native or not. These are pretty much the last and only large canopy trees in our area, and the only ones left for large nesting raptors to use. The dangers of removing these last giants are worse than any real or percieved dangers they may pose to 'pedestrians'. According to many scholars studying the issue statewide, every remaining Eucalyptus in California is critical habitat for our fading Monarch Butterflies. More info at Save Sweet Springs Trees on FB

joey racano

On Eucalyptus Removal Kerfuffle

Posted on November 2 at 3:27 p.m.

Goldeberg needs 'more time' to gather documents that don't exist. Otters, once removed, have never been seen again.

Project over; Mark it 'F; for failure. The balance of coastal resources needs the otter.

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group .com

On Otter Comment Period Extended

Posted on November 2 at 3:19 p.m.

It's simple- nature, or the oil company? Hmm?

On Otter Comment Period Extended

Posted on October 25 at 6:24 p.m.

Feral cats AND HOUSECATS LET OUTSIDE kill an estimated 500 million song birds a year. Much too high a price to pay for mouse control. Abetter idea is to provide perching for local falcons, such as the American Kestrel, who needs mouse bones to survive! Another great mouse control bird is the common crow- they catch 'em and eat 'em up! Cats are great -but do keep them inside- or at least put a bell on 'em!

On Got Mice? Feral Cats Will Work for Food

Posted on September 11 at 10:39 a.m.

Nine and Eleven

by joey racano

Nine and Eleven, nine and eleven
Satan is real to believers in heaven

Gather the throngs, 'round broken charred boulders
many wearing the twisted symbol at their shoulders

Earth, she is dying, say the meek with a tear
while leaders proclaim 'no terrorist shall ye fear'

Swarming like hornets, the sullen-eyed slaves
converge on ground zero, desecrating its graves

A picture now grainy, lies burned on the floor
showing puppet masters Bush/Cheney just before the next war

calling their minions, the proud, dim and feeble
'Welcome to black mass- take hate to the people!'

On Rediscovering the Spirit of 9/11

Posted on September 9 at 2:49 a.m.

Let this creature go! None of these giant marine mammals should remain in captivity anywhere and seaworld has no right to continue this barbaric practice. what is worst of the entire situation is that our children go to see these captives and take home the message that 'it is ok' for them to be in chlorinated prisons being fed dead fish.

joey racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group

On Orca Tug-of-War

Posted on September 5 at 8:20 p.m.

The time has come to shake the cobwebs out and snap to- American government, at the highest levels, was responsible or at the very least 100% complicit in the events of 9 11. Not only that, but it was done for a very specific reason- to turn America into a country where the environment takes a back seat to greed. You know, jobs jobs jobs? Using stupid religious people at the polls and brain dead 17 year olds as a murderous occupying force, 9 11 was the answer to Paul Wolfowitz's 'another Pearl Harbor' in his plan for a right-wing America, called 'Project for a New American Century'. Look it up. And stop being brainwashed- those troops you support and worship as heroes are nothing more than a private army for the oil giants. If you must mourn 9 11, make it 9 11 1973. Look up the events we caused in Chile on that date. joey racano

On September 11th Memorial Service

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