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Posted on June 25 at 12:08 a.m.

On the beach front and the adjacent streets do not have any free parking during the weekends. I know...received my ticket for parking on Sunday as I walked the waterfront with my family. The sign was blocked by a truck and I assumed like any rational person.. why would a meter maid work on a

On Make Parking Free on Sundays

Posted on June 24 at 11:25 p.m.

Allwaysoutspoken.....just read your post that "including a pitance of .5% pay (yes that is 1/2 a percent) increase so we can just keep up with increased gasoline prices!"

Well, while you earn a paycheck,clients on CWS programs are allowed mileage reimbursments at a flat rate of 0.30 a mile. But county employees and over a dozen other groups associated with the county get reimbursed at the IRS rate typically 0.50- 0.55 cents a mile.

While your getting an adjusted rate to keep up with the rise in cost the rest of us are stuck with a flat rate that has not changed since 2007!!!!! And we don't even have a job!!

Does it make sense that the people who need the assistance don't get it...and the people who are supposed to be helping get first take of the spoils of conquest.

Shame on you all!!!

On Cutting the Wrong Salaries

Posted on June 24 at 11:06 p.m.

I tell ya what...take that %16.76 and give it to your clients!!!!!

Then go back to school and get re-trained in a new field and then come back and cry about how hard you have it. When people are actually starving not knowing how to pay next months rent.
I know people living in a studio with two children working 40 hrs a week at $8 an hour and getting their paycheck docked for child support!!!! And cps harrasses them because the other parent makes false claims.

Seriously FREAKING topic is ......whatever

On Cutting the Wrong Salaries

Posted on June 24 at 10:57 p.m.

A case worker with a high-school education working entry-level position making $60,000 a year is worried about a %16 pay cut?????? Seriously...what a typical social worker cry baby.

Ok several of the comments here actually talk about real people and events. Like social workers being overworked and under paid. That is very true. But they really have no cause for complaing. The people they help typically make half if not three times as less money.
Myself live off of $6,000 a year...and I have seen many snotty caseworkers in my time and if you actually meet a caseworker who isn't jaded and does their job with any proficiency they are quickly removed for fear of making the whole department from looking bad.

Cws is a joke. They all act like the clients are trying to ripp off the system,like they need to protect everything as if it was there own money and they bully you when ever they get a chances.

If any slob can make it out of the trenches to white collar positions they have probably slimed their way to the rewards of avoiding cuts.
Mean while the clients suffer in the end from these high-school thugs.

On Cutting the Wrong Salaries

Posted on June 24 at 10:23 p.m.

Didn't the news report that the perp committed suicide while in jail many years ago. The parents died as well?

Just looking for clarity on the known facts.

On Search for Ramona Price Enters Digging Phase

Posted on April 25 at 9:27 p.m.

The plan is a very dangerous task. The first step in its way of destruction.

On The Gaviota's Future Is in Our Hands

Posted on April 25 at 9:19 p.m.

Good for you! Show this snobby city the reality of homelessness. Just today a hiker used 911 to rescue them with a sprained ankle. such a waste of resources , useless carbon foot print, when the same wouldn't even be directed to homeless folks. This City sucks

On Nancy Kapp Planning City Council Run

Posted on April 25 at 9:15 p.m.

pathetic.....911 call....seriously.

its almost as bad as the biker who tried to ride her bike across the creek and fell.

should charge the hiker a fine.

On Fifteen Rescuers Respond to Injured Hiker

Posted on March 10 at 9:57 p.m.

The irony is the department of social services (DSS) currently reimburse its calwork participants at a mileage rate of $0.30 cents a mile. This is supposed to cover necessary cost for driving to approved activities. The rate is supposed to be based on the current regional market rate and updated at a minimum of once a year. The County DSS has the choice to use a mileage rate already established or create its own. If the County DSS creates its own it must be certified by the board of supervisors(BOS) and ratified by the state.
Currently the County already uses a rate for over 11 groups. These have been approved and certified by the BOS. This rate is the same as the IRS mileage reimbursement rate of between $0.50- $0.55 cents a mile during the past 6years.

No record can be found that the current DSS reimbursement rate of $0.30 has ever been certified by the BOS , or the State. But in Oct of 2008 just before the last increase in gas prices took place a little word document showed up that seemed to show an appropriate methodology for establishing $0.30 reimbursement rate. Unfortunately it used the national market gas rate of $2.64 per gallon. At the time gas prices at the pump were already at 3.25, then it went to $5.00.

To this very day the county DSS has continued to use the methodology for reimbursement to calwork recipients with no change in the cost for gas rate. They still get the $2.64 cost per gas...and the $0.30 is what is issued to theses participants.
What is deplorable is tgat recently the county DSS attempted to update its methodology by modifying its gas cost calculation to indicate $3.11 as the current regional market rate,but a closer look at the methodology shows that they never implemented the $3.11 into the cost per mile calculation. Had they done so would automatically changed the mileage reimbursement rate to over $0.30 cents a mile.

It was just a flash of fake compliance.

The $3.11 does not reflect the regional market rate either. Based on a study conducted by DSS they have established what counties make up the "regional market rate". For this area it is Santa Barbara,Orange county,riverside,san Diego and Ventura. In order to calculate the regional market rate you have to use those counties. No one at Santa Barbara DSS even knows they are part of this market.

So...the point is that while county employees and others who have income are covered by the IRS reimbursement rate and are given a reimbursement rate that is updated twice a year...hundreds of needy people who have families and who are trying to get their lives back on tract,like students and welfare to work, are given the shaft. They are told they should be grateful they get anything at all.
What gets me is they are given a legal right to be properly reimbursed.

Maybe the increase in cost of gas will be reflected this time around with calworks participants and their reimbursement rates.

On Gas Prices Skyrocket

Posted on October 16 at 7:34 p.m.


Unfortunately your no further correct in your post. Americans were the worst of all societys that impacted the Native Americans,u just don't hear much abt those deeds because it makes Americans look bad. Take California vagrant law 1851. And others that promoted murder.

The 400 years of conquest on the indigenous began with the introduction of Columbus who was more murderous than Hitler and he has no direct contact to Americans,so by association your saying your proud of the history of the murders he committed. It suppose it makes sense because of the way early America were murders too.

This holiday is a travesty on human rights and shows how little anyone really knows anything about history.

On The Bold Marauder

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