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Posted on October 11 at 12:58 a.m.

I am not a lawyer, but I would certainly bring up the FACT that our federal government is cultivating and supplying medical marijuana to a small group of U.S. Citizens. Please read this article. What a contradiction!!!!

On Legal Grey Area Clouds Pot Shop Case

Posted on October 11 at 12:15 a.m.

Sadly, I work at the NP. Why would any of the fired reporters want to come back to this desolate place? Everyone working here is only here to collect a check. No one, including management can stand Wendy or Arthur. They just have to suck up to collect their large salary. Revenues and circulation continue to decline every month. There is virtually no classified advertising and display advertisers get almost no ROI for their advertising dollars. As for News, Don Katich must write whatever Wendy says. Where else will he get a job if he doesn't? Same with every other director here. They must do whatever Wendy wants or they will be fired. Circulation is at an all time low and will continue to decline. So, don't come back. It's not the great place it once was. I guarantee that if any employee here could find another job paying the same, they would leave as quickly as Wendy would fire questions asked. But until then, we will all stay quiet, do what she says and collect a check.

On NLRB Orders <em>News-Press</em> to Reinstate Fired Reporters

Posted on August 8 at 1:12 a.m.

I agree with John, send them back where they came from. It would cost a lot less!

Why waste money on trials, housing and feeding them! Just send them back on a bus!

On Less Funding for Jail's Illegal Immigrant Inmates?

Posted on August 4 at 4:20 a.m.

Wendy does not care about her past or current employees. Everyone working there knows this!

The current employees just do their jobs and continue to watch advertisers disappear, circulation of the paper continue to drop and collect a check.

The Newspress was great before the meltdown; talented management and staff. Now there's just a bunch of yahoos running the place. Sad.

On Rally Marks Year Five of <em>News-Press</em> Mess

Posted on August 4 at 4:10 a.m.

No...she gave that job to Arthur (her boyfriend). Probably a pretty fun party over there at the press!

On Judge Tosses Lance from Court

Posted on August 4 at 3:59 a.m.

I think Wendy Mccaw should promote Lance to Publisher, like she did Travis Armstrong when he got his DUI! Look what wonders it did for the Newspress!

On Judge Tosses Lance from Court

Posted on November 1 at 11:48 p.m.

The sad fact is that the News Press is on a continual downward spiral that cannot be stopped... declining circulation, declining advertising sales, virtually zero employee morale or loyalty, poor upper management whom have almost zero communication with the owner... it's very sad to see an icon of Santa Barbara slowly disappearing.

Remember that Wendy's decisions have negatively affected so many peoples lives...many whom once cared deeply about the place they once worked.

She cares so much about animals....what about the human beings she hurts?

On Travis Armstrong Is Outta There

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