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Posted on November 20 at 3:36 p.m.

Hello. This is in response to "History Buff" among others wondering... This is William Abbott from the Land Trust. I never stated that the "deed holder" was classified information; I stated that the Land Trust was not at liberty to discuss who the owner of the property is. You may find the deed at the County office, as it is a recorded document.

On The Unusual History of the Tea Fire's Point of Origin

Posted on November 20 at 1:23 p.m.

Yee haw, StevShep. And, Loveforall, how many gay people have you met who admitted to "choosing" to be gay? Sheesh. And, to your (dubious) figure of "tens of thousands who have been "cured" of homosexuality", I counter with the MILLIONs who are out, and proud, and happy with the way GOD created them.

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Posted on November 20 at 12:54 p.m.

To all who are talking about marriage vs. domestic partnership: There IS a difference, legally, but it's very slight: a few strange state laws that affect married folks in California do NOT affect domestic partners. For example, a surviving spouse of a veteran may qaulify for reduced taxes, but a surviving domestic partner cannot. I urge you all to check out Lambda for good information on this subject. HOWEVER, from a fundamental, gut-wrenching place I must state that separate does NOT mean equal. I am a gay man who just married his partner of 7 years. We are also domestic partners, and now spouses. I don't want to call him my partner anymore, I want to call him my husband. This means acceptance by society to me. This means that I'm not shuttled off into some other category of "the other." This means that we, as a society, recognize and value our similarities more than our differences. This means respect, for me, and for all other gays. This means that closeted kids will have a bright future -- of acceptance and possibility -- to look forward to. This means that we ALL have grown in our capacity to love.

On Santa Barbarans Protest Prop. 8

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