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Posted on October 22 at 2:08 p.m.

Classic example of soft-tyranny that is endemic with lib-dems is this statement from the writer above:

"...and having a personal encounter with the staff is a healthier alternative to sitting in a car."

How does Ms. Hill know this? Who is she to decide for me or you? The danger is that her OPINION and JUDGEMENT is driving her basis to control YOUR decision of whether you walk in or drive in -- or some of each.

Instead of approving the drive in and giving you a choice, Ms. Hill has personally decided for you - because as a lib-dem, she knows better than you. She's smarter than the rest of us and she wants to - in an admittedly tiny way - control our actions and make us conform to her world view.

Maybe it's healthier for someone to get home to their kids faster or not interact with people or relax in their car for 5 mins in line or listen to an NPR report on how more government regulation is better or...

On Less Drive-In, More Walk/Bike

Posted on October 22 at 1:57 p.m.

Please, please stop mis-informing people. It's outrageous and irresponsible.

1. 90% of the economy of Kern County (by revenue) is not Oil-based. It's agriculture based, which draws huge amounts of poor, uneducated undocumented workers and their children into the personal income figures you cite - along with American citizens that are also working for very low wages.

2. The vast majority of pollution in Kern (by far) is from agriculture pollution (trucks, tractors, etc. that do not have as stringent exhaust controls) along with dust, pesticides, etc. Santa Maria's agriculture areas have similar asthma rates because it too is an agriculture based economy.

3. In Pennsylvania the unemployment drops in some counties that frack are due to people moving to OTHER counties that frack more and need more workers.

Lastly, the primary benefits of domestic petroleum drilling is broadly shared by our entire economy which gains from lower fuel prices, steady availability and less dependency on foreign sources (and subsequent entanglements). Gasoline prices are significantly lower throughout the country and have held steady in California (due to restrictions on new refining capacity and pipeline restrictions, which cap supply). Natural gas prices are at 50 year lows when inflation adjusted. We are down to 35% crude import vs. 60% of crude imported 5 years ago.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. economy are at 2007 levels because of a big shift from coal to natural gas for electric power generation and on the way to 2003 levels by end of 2016. Wow!

Obviously we need to stop drilling immediately, force everyone at lib-dem directed gunpoint to use wind and solar and raise utility bills by 400% and tax the rich at 2x what we do today to pay for it. Makes perfect sense.

On Oil a Bust

Posted on October 22 at 1:43 p.m.

Those crazy temper tantrum kids that want a 1 year delay of the individual mandate for Obamacare since (1) the product is not ready and (2) Obama gave a 1 year delay to the evil *corporations* you hate, by fiat (executive order, which is extra-legislative and possibly illegal to do).

Those nutbag tea-party weirdos who are fighting against:
- Massive overspending on foreign wars and the military industrial complex.
- $17 Trillion (TRILLION!) in Federal debt that is growing by $500+B/yr.
- 7% year over year growth (on average for the past 20 years) of federal employees and bureaucracy that is primarily in place to support and protect crony capitalism.

On Aftermath

Posted on October 18 at 12:59 p.m.


You also need a *willingness* and *ability* to work.

48% of the homeless on State St don't have the ability to work.
48% don't have the willingness

4% want to work and are able but social service programs to get them from State St. to a job are COSTLY and typically serve the people that run the programs far better than their "customers".

So the short and mid-term solution is to roll out laws that kick homeless people off State street to reduce public masturbation, urination, defacation, aggressive panhandling, blockage of right of way and other hostile and aggressive tactics that hurt, annoy, bother and drive law abiding citizens away from down town.

But brace yourself for 200 people to show up at city hall and scream, yell, protest, speechify, plead, beg and expound on why *any* action to remove people with these behaviors from State street is the end of the world, the end of compassion and the end of life as we know it.

On Homeless Work Solution

Posted on October 18 at 12:18 p.m.

Forget about his shoplifting.

The bigger problem is that he is ready to take lots more money, forcibly by taxation, from people that produce and make good decisions (consciously) and give it to able-bodied people who chronically create chaos and make (consciously) bad decisions in their lives.

So of COURSE the Indy would support someone like that.

On David Landecker?

Posted on October 15 at 5:32 p.m.

EastBeach: the males here are sensitive to hypocrisy and identity politics, not statements about the capabilities of women.

Dr. Dan: you're voting for Alley in part because she "lives in a real neighborhood"? I think what you mean is she lives in a poor or lower-middle class neighborhood with working class people that are struggling and so you believe she is aware of those people and will be sympathetic to them and work to forcibly separate upper middle class and rich people from their money (via taxation and fees), which by far most worked for - and then give it to her "real" neighbors in her "real neighborhood".

What will you do when the money runs out? Probably just target middle and lower-middle class people and tear their money and property from them and give it to even poorer people - after all the government union bureaucrats get their share of course.


On Cheers for Megan Diaz Alley

Posted on October 14 at 10:37 p.m.

Dear East Beach: the average health insurance company in the U.S. turns a 5% annual profit.

It is the health care PROVIDERS (Hospitals and networks) that are making a fortune - because there are NO cost controls when someone else pays your medical bills (either your employer or Obamacare subsidies from taxpayers and businesses).

On Destination Unknown

Posted on October 14 at 10:34 p.m.

So let's sum up what we've learned:

1. Cathy Murillo and some lib-dems agree with each other. Wow! really?

2. Cathy Murillo is sexist and practices gender discrimination. "Everything a woman can do a man can do better", right Cathy?

3. Cathy and Megan have no interest in why a family from Latin America is not speaking to them in English - because they both know why... hint, hint, wink, wink: vote for Megan and get an open-borders council member.

4. Renting is superior to owning because owning a house implies financial success, discipline of personal behavior and a willingness have a piece of the American dream, which in the minds of lib-dems, doesn't exist and owners of homes are all oppressive evil-doers.

5. Liberals need more poor people and people dependent on their handing out of services and money - because all those people vote for Democrats.

On Cheers for Megan Diaz Alley

Posted on October 14 at 8:20 p.m.

Standby for teachers union bosses to destroy another incredible school and remove more opportunity and choice for children in order to serve their anti-child agenda. Not the teachers - the union bosses. There is a difference.

On Santa Barbara Charter School Petitions for Renewal

Posted on October 14 at 8:17 p.m.


1. When did the color of your skin have to do with who you vote for? Only in the minds of racists lib-dems and racists voters.

2. If Palmdale is 69% Hispanic or Black then why are Hispanic and Black people voting for Hispanic and Black politicians? Is it because:
(A) there are none
(B) there are some but they are not as qualified as the other candidate(s)
(C) most of these Hispanics are illegal aliens and in eligible to vote

On When Voting Is Illegal

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