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Posted on February 19 at 8 a.m.

Overall an excellent article, very well written. I just have a couple points to make:

1. "Middlesex" is not a book about a transsexual person. It was about an INTERSEX person.

2. Everybody loves to say "penis removed" when in truth very little is removed. The vast majority of the donor material is refashioned into a beautiful vulva (labia, clitoris and vagina).

3. Whenever possible the word "transsexual" should be used as an adjective and not a noun. I was born transsexual, but I'm not A transexual. It's better to say transsexual woman, transsexual man or transsexual person. Using "transsexual" as a noun makes us sound as though we are neither male nor female, but other.

I highly recommend the book "Whipping Girl" by Julia Serano, it is a modern classic in gender studies. You would find her take on the medias portrayal of transsexual people as well as books about transsexual people interesting. She also does have some not so nice things to say about "Middlesex".

On Understanding the Complex Lives of Our Transgender Community

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