Brooks Firestone announced he will seek another term as 3rd
District Supervisor and hosted a $125-per-plate kickoff dinner at
his Santa Ynez winery home. The announcement, coming more than two
years before the end of his term in 2008, sent the message to those
positioning themselves for a run that the Firestone Tire heir is
not the one-term hobbyist he was rumored to be. Brett Wagner
announced his intention months ago to run for the 3rd District
seat, at the same time launching a recall effort against Firestone,
though he later abandoned his role in it. The recall campaign,
conducted by Wagner’s close associates, continues, however, and
petitioners have gathered 2,000 of the 7,600 signatures needed to
place the initiative on a special election ballot in early 2007.
Rumors abound that Doreen Farr, former county planning commissioner
appointed by environmentalist Gail Marshall, also intends to run
for Firestone’s seat, although she has not formally announced her