The Lines of a Teenage Hand

Palmistry theorizes that the lines on the hand represent how the
soul sits in the body. The lines growing over time
reflect the reality that the person transverses through. As a face
can come to wear more lines with age, so can the palm.

Can one read the palms of children, from babies to


However, destiny lines usually do not form until about

I read the palms recently of a fourteen-year-old girl.

Look at your left palm, palm up, and thumb extended with fingers
more or less flat out. This palm indicates potential, or what one
is born with. The potential can be read on the palm of a client of
any age.

Usually palm.jpgabout an inch towards the pointing index
finger from the base of where the thumb connects to the hand is a
line curving around and downward to the wrist. We call this
the lifeline
. Then look a little further towards the base
of the index finger. This line is sometimes connected to the
lifeline, and sometimes not. Starting off a little beyond the
starting point of the lifeline and running usually straight across,
this second line is called the mind line.

In the palm of the teenage girl under consultation, the lifeline
and the mind line are very much intertwined for a good way down.
This signifies strong attachment between the daughter and the
family of origin.

Interpretation: the separation from the family of origin for
this girl is protracted, painful and slow. There are many false
starts, where the daughter starts off to get away. But she comes
back. This tight enmeshment of intertwining does not let up until
about a quarter of the line down. This means that she might
not separate easily
. She might not fully become her own
human being until the late twenties or early thirties.

This period of clarity ends around 45 yearsold. At that time
there is a divergence again getting her a little off track. The
lines indicated that she takes more responsibilities onto herself
at that moment in her life. What those responsibilities are is not

For this particular teenager, from her potential palm only,
the results are not bad. Her mind line goes
straight across into the spiritual mound on the other side of her
hand. By this I mean the fleshy part of her hand palm side up,
running from her wrist up to the base of her little finger. If this
period of prolonged connection to her family of origin were
actually negative for her, the mind line would have drooped down,
pointing down to the wrist lines of her hand before even running
into the spiritual mound.

Not so for this kid.

If you see a prolonged entanglement between a life line and a
mind line, and a dropping mind line at the same time, that is a
sign to beware and to take precautions against depression.
Batya Weinbaum reads palms through the Enchanting Cottage in


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