Before going out on Saturday I tried not to set my expectations too high. But either way you look at it the night was a big hit!

The Biker picked me up at 7 p.m. sharp, and as soon as we arrived at SOhO there was handholding and power-flirting to boot. The banter was light yet sexy and I soon realized that we were definitely on the track to make-out-land. I didn’t mind a bit. Although the food was superb, SOhO didn’t really have the kind of ambiance that inspires romance or canoodling in the corners. Still, we had a terrific time talking about everything from skinny-dipping to the next presidential election. I totally dig how smart this guy is and found myself devouring some of his words like they were a box of Belgian chocolates!

My concern that a rendezvous might be awkward because of our friendship proved unfounded. While I tried to follow your advice-thanks so much!-and play it by ear, the interaction was practically flawless. When he told me I looked hot in my black low-cleavage Versace top, I retorted that I appreciate a man who knows about wine. He admitted that he’s liked me since the night we met at a friend’s party, I said that I was blown away by his perseverance even after I gave him the Let’s Just Be Friends speech. Et cetera. It all worked as the perfect lead-up to an impromptu good-night smooch. He didn’t ask if he could kiss me, but simply went in for the kill when dropping me off in front of my building. Major turn-on! Passionate but not too wet. Eager but not desperate. Sexy, and just the way I like it!

The next day I got this text:


I really enjoyed last night. It is so rare to meet someone like yourself and I am drawn to you like the sun to snowcapped mountains: Have a great day!

The Biker

Wow! There’s nothing like a guy who can express himself. Text-wise. Call me a hopeless romantic, but it gets me every time.

In case it’s not already crystal clear this rates as the best date I’ve been on in a while. That doesn’t mean I’m about to put all my eggs in one basket, though. Now don’t get me wrong. I really do like this guy, but besides only having dated him for like five minutes there are a couple of things that keep me from diving all in:

#1) His continuous fascination-or should I say fixation?-on his ex. So not cool. I know they were together for like ten plus years, but I still dread having to hear about how they go for coffee all the time, and remain ever-so-close. Am I the one who’s being weird here?!

#2) He’ll be traveling with work for six weeks in May/ and June, and that’s a long time if, hypothetically speaking, you are in a relationship.

#3) He is a premium member of Blondes R Us, meaning he’s way into my sleek European, blond-hair-blue-eyes-look. I just don’t want that to be the only reason he fancies me! Ok, now I know I’m being weird.

For now I’ll continue dating him (presuming that he wants to), and hopefully it’ll be alright sans exclusivity and commitment. After all, he’s a guy and I doubt that I’ll have to sidestep The Talk anytime soon.

My next move in an attempt to diversify my dating portfolio involves my friend Dana and some mutual friends in LA. Dana ran the LA marathon on Sunday in 3.40 straight. (What a rockstar-I’m so proud of her!) We’ll be hitting some hotspots in the city of angels this weekend to celebrate, and I’m contemplating chatting up some studs. Only, to me the whole LA “meet” market was always a bit scary, and it’s been so long since I was on the prowl for dates that I’ve forgotten how to do a cold-pitch. Should I:

Keep my distance, but smile at him seductively from across the room, and hope he makes a beeline for my phone number?

Walk up next to him with excess liquid confidence and try to say something funny?

Be the chicken that I am, and send one of my friends over to break the ice?

I’m so clueless, and must improve my prospecting skills-ASAP. So, if some of you are regular state-of-the-art pick-up-artists or you managed to meet your better half out on the town, please tell me how it is done!

Thanks, and see you next week!



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