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The short films programs are listed below for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, running February 4-14, 2010. The short film Category name is followed by the length of the entire program and the dates the films can be seen. Individual synopses of each short film are then listed.


(Total Running time of 80 minutes)

– Saturday, 6 February | 10 a.m. | Santa Barbara Museum of Art

The Mouse That Soared

Directed by Kyle Bell | USA | 2009 | 6 min.
A famous flying circus mouse reflects on his humble beginnings in this high-altitude adventure in aerodynamics.

Jillian Dillon

Directed by Yvette Edery | USA | 2009 | 4 min.

Jillian Dillon, Hippoplatypus, saves the day, transforming her ‘flaws’ into the powers that resolve conflict and drama in her town.


Directed by Marc Craste | UK | 2008 | 24 min.

The story of one small creature’s struggle to preserve a world in danger of being lost forever through recklessness and indifference.

Lost and Found

Directed by Liwen Ma | UK | 2008 | 24 min.

A little boy finds a penguin who was washed up on the beach far away from home.

El Salon Mexico

Directed by Paul Glickman | USA | 2009 | 13 min.

In this fantasy animation, a 10-year-old campesino sneaks out of the house one night to see a fiesta for the very first time.


Directed by John Skibinski | Australia | 2009 | 3 min.

The misadventures of an Australian frilled neck lizard, in the tradition of Scrat the prehistoric squirrel from Ice Age.

With Sam

Directed by Atle Blakseth| Norway | 2009 | 6 min.

Catching fish on the North Pole can be challenging — the unfortunate ones may need a totally different fishing approach.



(Total Running time of 113 minutes)

– Friday, 5 February | 10 p.m. | Metro 4 Theatre III

– Monday, 8 February | 10:15 p.m. | Metro 4 Theatre IV

Jillian Dillon

Directed by Yvette Edery | USA | 2009 | 4 min.

Jillian Dillon, Hippoplatypus, saves the day, transforming her ‘flaws’ into the powers that resolve conflict and drama in her town.


Directed by Moritz Mayerhofer | Germany | 2009 | 10 min.

Urs takes his aging mother on a dangerous journey, carrying her up a mountain to find a better place for both of them.

The Spine

Directed by Chris Landreth | Canada | 2009 | 12 min.

The Spine uses a twisted, beautiful and highly original visual aesthetic to look at the ways individuals evolve, adapt and break.


Directed by Jim Capobianco | USA | 2009 | 10 min.

Leonardo da Vinci and his dream of flight. An allegory for the creative muse.


Directed by Max Strebel | USA | 2009 | 2 min.

A painted figure tries to escape the onslaught of words that attack him.

The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl

Directed by Mike Roush | USA | 2008 | 6 min.

Through the lens of a wildlife documentary, we meet the burrowing owl who has recently lost his life-long mate to a large predator that is hunting in his natural habitat.


Directed by Cordell Barker | Canada | 2009 | 10 min.

A crisis on a crowded train leads to a class struggle that is as amusing as it is merciless.

Vive la rose

Directed by Bruce Alcock | Canada | 2008 | 5 min.

The life story of singer Édith Piaf

The Mouse That Soared

Directed by Kyle Bell | USA | 2009 | 6 min.

A famous flying circus mouse reflects on his humble beginnings in this high-altitude adventure in aerodynamics.

Cohen on the Bridge: Rescue at Entebbe

Directed by Andrew Wainrib | Israel, USA, Uganda | 2009 | 20 min.

The animated story of a 1976 hostage rescue in Uganda, narrated by the first commando to enter the building through the perspective of his own family’s rescue in the Holocaust.

Dreams from the Woods

Directed by Johannes Nyholm | Sweden | 2009 | 9 min.

One day the Girl leaves her friend the Big Bird, seeking adventures in the world. But she gets lost in the deep forest, lured by the melodies of Death’s beautiful flute. A shadow puppet play about love and sorrow.

Wisdom Teeth

Directed by Don Hertzfeldt | USA | 2010 | 5 min.

Nigel recently had his wisdom teeth removed.

Mr. Wire’s Nostalgia (La Nostalgia del Sr. Alambre)

Directed by Jonathan Ostos Yaber | Mexico | 2009 | 14 min.

A shadow puppet artist will find out what fame is all about in a journey that will make him decide between what he loves and what he desires most.



(Total Running time of 83 minutes)

Sunday, 5 February | 10 a.m. Friday, February 5 | 10 a.m. | Santa Barbara Museum of Art

– Saturday, 13 February | 10 a.m. | Victoria Hall

Tying Your Own Shoes

Directed by Shira Avni | Canada | 2009 | 17 min.

Tying Your Own Shoes is an intimate glimpse into the exceptional mindsets and emotional lives of four adult artists with Down syndrome.

Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers

Directed by Neil Leifer | USA | 2009 | 30 min.

This film explores the artistry and innovation of Pete Eckert, Bruce Hall, and Henry Butler, blind photographers whose luminous work can help us see the world through their eyes.

Nico’s Challenge

Directed by Steve Audette | USA | 2009 | 15 min.

A story of a 13-year-old boy who faces special challenges as he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro.

Waiting for a Train: The Toshio Hirano Story

Directed by Oscar Bucher | USA | 2009 | 21 min.

The humorous and heartfelt true story of Japanese immigrant, Toshio Hirano, whose life was transformed by the music of country legend Jimmie Rodgers.



(Total Running time of 49 minutes)

– Friday, 5 February | 6:30 p.m. | Victoria Hall

– Monday, 8 February | 10:45 a.m. | Metro 4 Theatre IV


Directed by William Conlin | USA | 2010 | 27 min.

A historical documentary celebrating the rich, dynamic story of Santa Barbara City College and how it has served to community in its 100 years of being.

Don Riders for Life

Directed by Dorothy Littlejohn | USA | 2009 | 10 min.

High school bike club makes customized low-rider bicycles and struggles to keep kids away from gangs. Story is told through an original hip-hop song by the same title, “Don Riders for Life.”

Phelophepa — Train of Hope

Directed by Arabella Weston Smith | USA | 2009 | 12 min.

A 16-carriage train staffed with doctors and medical students travels to the remote areas of South Africa and treats 45,000 people every year.



(Total Running time of 95 minutes)

– Saturday, 6 February | 6:30 p.m. | Victoria Hall

– Tuesday, 9 February | 4:45 p.m. | Metro 4 Theatre IV

Welcome to Shadezenhues

Directed by Tierre Turner | USA | 2009 | 25 min.

A visit to the story corner at the Coppertown Downtown Library becomes a magical, musical journey for Annie, Danny, and Sandy.

The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas

Directed by John Wardlaw | USA | 2009 | 8 min.

The Narrator of this screwy parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas ponders whether Christmas can be saved for the people of Screwville.

Hail Hitler

Directed by Hunter M. Daniels | USA | 2009 | 10 min.

This animated satire tells the story of a time-traveling Adolf Hitler who is forced to get a job as a taxi driver in order to make ends meet.

We’re Trashed

Directed by Becky Oxborrow | USA | 2009 | 15 min.

When a polar bear herd drifts on a melting ice cap down to a beach party town along the California coast, environmental damage is afoot!


Directed by Leigh Mierke | USA | 2009 | 18 min.

A part live action, part animation adventure-comedy about a young film student who gets trapped in her animated film.

Frugal Family Christmas

Directed by Michael Weinreich & Andy Sweat | USA | 2009 | 4 min.

Meet the Frugals, a family that never saw a garbage can they didn’t want to eat off of.


Directed by Jessica Hokanson | USA | 2009 | 2 min.

A short film about paint using different techniques of animation.



(Total Running time of 77 minutes)

– Monday, 8 February | 6:30 a.m. | Victoria Hall

– Thursday, 11 February | 10:15 p.m. | Metro 4 Theatre IV

Aquarius of Hearts

Directed by Cameron Alexander | USA | 2009 | 4 min.

In this surreal silent film a lone traveler finds a mysterious necklace that will entice his deepest desires.

A Beachwork Orange

Directed by Jahmin Lerum and Paul Mathieu | USA | 2009 | 5 min.

A boyfriend with a wandering eye is conditioned by his girlfriend to accept his place and live obediently. Not all ideas have the best results however.

Hector Quince

Directed by John McKinney | USA | 2009 | 9 min.

With a successful first novel under his belt, Hector Quince tries to relax at home with his woman but gets tangled up with two thugs.

The Patent Clerk

Directed by Collier Goode | USA | 2009 | 14 min.

A young clerk with dreams beyond his workaday drudgery makes his way home and discovers that when you look closely, nothing is as it seems and everything truly is relative.

Black & White

Directed by Frederick Toye | USA | 2009 | 9 min.

On the night of December 7, 1941, a little girl awakens to find her father taken by the FBI without explanation..

Rise Up (Volver A Subir)

Directed by Michael Cooper | Spain, USA | 2009 | 20 min.

Pablo, a dreamy 18 year old, lives in a small desolate village taking care of his crippled father, destined to a life of boredom and poverty, that is, until a fateful accident breaks the monotony and changes everything forever.

Leather Jude

Directed by Evan Pondel | USA | 2009 | 5 min.

Leather Jude is a documentary about Jewish Holocaust survivor Hans Biglajzer and the significance of his craft as a saddle maker.

My Hero

Directed by Jason Hallows | USA | 2009 | 0 min.

A lonely man who is obsessed with his prostitute neighbor decides to help her get free from her violent pimp.

Santa’s Little Helper

Directed by Kelly Ann Ford | USA | 2009 | 15 min.

In the middle of summer, Santa Claus appears to 8-year-old Marlon with a secret he needs to tell, but discovers that the myth overshadows the man, and the dreams of others always come before his own.



(Total Running time of 64 minutes)

– Friday, 12 February | 6:30 p.m. | Victoria Hall

– Saturday, 13 February | 10:15 p.m. | Metro 4 Theatre IV

Breathing (Respiracion)

Directed by Brandon Roots | USA | 2009 | 13 min.

For Maria, a migrant farm worker, the greatest struggle may simply be to stay with the one she loves.

Make Your Weather

Directed by Carla Dauden | USA | 2009 | 4 min.

Edward the elevator operator tells us about his experiences of life, and especially, about his perception of people.

Wilcox Sex Therapy

Directed by Daniel Gruen | USA | 2009 | 13 min.

Wilcox is an alcoholic sex therapist who sleeps with his clients.


Directed by Maureen Bharoocha | USA | 2009 | 15 min.

Omer thought his rooster was unbeatable …


Directed by Ainara Aparici | USA | 2009 | 5 min.

A lonely man buys a perfect woman by mail, changing his whole life.

Awkward Courage

Directed by Ryan Turner | USA | 2009 | 14 min.

The story of an awkward freshman film student as he attempts to win over his crush in class.



(Total Running time of 72 minutes)

– Saturday, 6 February | 9:30 p.m. | Victoria Hall

– Tuesday, 9 February | 10 a.m. | Santa Barbara Museum of Art


Directed by Mary Ann Kellogg | USA | 2009 | 15 min.

After the loss of her mother, Emily, 12, has a bleak outlook on life that only worsens when her grandfather from Argentina arrives for an extended stay. To their mutual surprise, they discover that dance provides a common language.


Directed by Jon Goldman | USA | 2009 | 9 min.

Relations between the United States and Iran take an unexpected turn when two senior diplomats and their interpreters meet for a closed-door session.

Almost Every Day (Quase Todo Dia)

Directed by Gandja Monteiro | Brazil, USA | 2009 | 19 min.

Polly, a young, single mother in Rio who struggles to reconcile her motherly duties with her own professional ambitions, confronts a day in the bustling city when everything that can go wrong, does.

Junko’s Shamisen

Directed by Solomon Friedman | Canada | 2009 | 11 min.

A young Japanese orphan, and her mystical friend, exact poetic justice on a malevolent samurai lord.

Ana’s Playground

Directed by Eric D. Howell | USA | 2009 | 18 min.

Ana’s Playground depicts just another day for children surrounded by armed conflict.



(Total Running time of 77 minutes)

-Tuesday, 9 February | 9:30 p.m. | Victoria Hall

– Thursday, 11 February | 10 a.m. | Victoria Hall

First Day of Peace (Prvi Dan Mira)

Directed by Mirko Rucnov | Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA | 2009 | 16 min.

When a peace agreement is announced, a Bosnian peasant undertakes a voyage to the disputed border to plow his land. His decision brings unexpected results.

Smoke Rings

Directed by Rex Carter | USA | 2009 | 5 min.

An homage to the great comics from the silent era of cinema, follow the efforts of an affable, yet hapless chap, as he tries to impress the beautiful lady who has caught his eye at the neighborhood speakeasy.


Directed by Max Barbakow | Bolivia | 2009 | 18 min.

Equal parts documentary, road film, and ethnographic recording, Collasuyo makes the most sense as a symphony of the nation of Bolivia.

Table 7

Directed by Marko Slavnic | USA | 2009 | 4 min.

A couple has an intimate conversation in a restaurant, unaware that their every word is being closely monitored.

Wall Boy

Directed by Sascha Ettinger Epstein | Australia | 2009 | 17 min.

A young runaway falls prey to the city’s darkest vice market — a youth worker on a visiting outreach bus becomes fixated with saving him.


Directed by Alan Coltman | United Kingdom | 2009 | 5 min.

Sean Bean narrates Wilfred Owen’s “Strange Meeting” in this short anti-war film.

The Odds

Directed by Paloma Baeza | United Kingdom | 2009 | 12 min.

You know the odds, but not the truth.



(Total Running time of 64 minutes)

– Wednesday, 10 February | 9:45 p.m. | Metro 4 Theatre II

– Friday, 12 February | 1 p.m. | Metro 4 Theatre I

The Hardest Part

Directed by Oliver Refson | United Kingdom | 2009 | 13 min.

An aging actor has finally secured the audition of a lifetime, but just how badly does he want the role?


Directed by Lluís Quílez | Spain | 2009 | 20 min.

A stranger arrives in a gypsy village in search of a miracle.

The Story of My Life (Toute Ma Vie)

Directed by Pierre Ferriere | France | 2009 | 6 min.

Alessandra is hailed by a man she doesn’t recognize, and his face remains unknown as he keeps telling her about important moments of her life.

Good Advice (Goda Råd)

Directed by Andreas Tibblin | Sweden | 2008 | 15 min.

Ten-year-old Rasmus records a cassette tape for his unborn brother before running away.

Lost Paradise

Directed by Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis | France, Israel | 2008 | 10 min.

A man and a woman are tenderly making love in a one star hotel room, but the idyll is not as authentic as it seems.



Bones Brigade Video Show (classic rerelease)

Directed by Stacey Peralta | USA | 2009 | 35 min.

Filmed at the beginning of the 1980s skateboard boom, the Bones Brigade Video Show is the first of the famous Bones Brigade Videos.

— Playing in front of Mission to Toyland


Directed by Jack Major | USA | 2009 | 12min.

A short documentary about Laguna Beach’s flower lady Daisy Messer and her inspiring story of courage while overcoming childhood abuse, homelessness, and a life long struggle with Polio.

— Playing in front of Crazy Art

Danse Macabre

Directed by Pedro Pires | Canada | 2008 | 8 min.

For a certain time, while we believe it to be perfectly still, our corpse animates and stirs in an ultimate macabre ballet. Are the many spasms shaking our body merely erratic motions or do they echo the twists and turns of our past life?

— Playing in front of I Killed My Mother

Glosious Excess (Dies)

Directed by Mark Fiore | USA | 2009 | 11 min.

A documentary short about art and how it relates to popular, consumer, and especially celebrity culture.

— Playing in front of Michael Jackson


Directed by Chris Cashman | USA | 2009 | 17 min.

The story of how one young man deals with the loss of his older brother to a surfing accident.

— Playing in front of God Went Surfing

In Cold Love

Directed by Franck Blaess | Canada | 2009 | 12 min.

Encounter a man sentenced to carry an extraordinary burden. Behind the simplest and brightest gesture often lies the most complex and darkest motive.

— Playing in front of Je Me Souviens

Operation Thunderball

Directed by Tania Doritty | USA | 2008 | 25 min.

A lighthearted look with a 007 edge into insects with no respect … dung beetles!

— Playing in front of Green

Surfing Dolphins

Directed by Greg Huglin | USA | 2009 | 20 min.

A stunning visual film which captures an intimate look at the beauty of dolphins.

— Playing in front of Shaped

Tea Fire: Re-Birth

Directed by Craig Harris | USA | 2008 | 20 min.

A local documentary concerning the “Tea Fire survivors” experiences during the fire and how they have regrouped after the fire.

— Playing in front of Behind the Lines


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