On Sunday mornings, I am on a radio show with Annie Greer, a professional animal behaviorist and radio personality. She came up with the idea of talking to one of the animals on the Titanic.

I found a picture, on the Internet, of a bulldog who was on the Titanic. He was easier to contact than I thought he was going to be, and he had a lot to say. This is his communication as it came to me, so I apologize if it feels like it jumps from one subject to the next. As he spoke I would wonder about something, and he would quickly answer my thoughts. Here is what he has to say:

“I loved being on the ship because there was a great sense of adventure. We pooped and peed in a certain section of the ship where they had laid dirt and husks. This was left over from what they used to pack the food in. Being on the ship was great fun. I had a lot of dog friends and sometimes my dad (person) would parade us around the ship. Everyone would come out to see us. I ate people food on the ship.

“And I can tell you something. It was days before the sinking that they knew something was wrong with the ship. My dad would stay up really late at night worrying about what to do if the leak got any bigger. They tried hard to patch it up. They worried about how they would rescue everyone because they knew that there was not enough space. They thought about alerting some people and they told the most prestigious people first so that they could find a raft. But in the rush it didn’t feel like wealth mattered.

“People started to get frightened when the ship started making loud noises. While I waited patiently for my person, people started to trip over us dogs. I had a small child with me for a long time that was separated from her people. She held tightly onto my collar. I knew the place to wait for my father to come and find me. I knew he would come back for me. I saw some of my dog friends jump into the water and drown trying to get into the boats. I saw one man drowning his own dog in the water because he knew that they were not going to get rescued. I died. There were so many of us that died that the angels could not corral us all to bring us to heaven. The angels were trying to help the people to survive. So many spirits lingered until the angels showed them their way. I didn’t know I died at first. I ran on top of the water trying to pull people out until I realized I was dead. An angel came for me. I saw people I love commit suicide and shoot themselves because they were not going to be saved. I saw my dad drown. It was terrible. One man played his violin until the ship sank, trying to calm people. I still remember the sound of the violin, splashing water, people crying, and the sucking noise of the ship sinking.”


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