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On August 24, 2010, my wolf-hybrid Maia passed away. She was 15 years old. There have been times where I have felt her around me so strongly that I could swear I could reach down and pet her. She comes mostly as a five-year-old, when her body was in the best shape and her mind was anxious to learn. I have seen her running with my dog Storm as he chases birds at the beach. I have seen her burst out of the bushes, spin, and run frantically around me in circles at the river bottom. I have felt her nose on my face when sadness has overtaken my sense of peace. “But have you spoken to her?” most people ask. “What does she say?” “What is she doing now?” These are frequent questions.

There are times where I find myself scared to ask. Months ago she cried to me in the darkness of night, “Mom, I am stuck in a black box.” Following some communication with Maia and her angels, she got out of that predicament. I have since vowed to never tell another animal to protect me here on Earth from the other side. It may not be aligned with their soul’s growth. That situation shocked me into seeing that the other world is more complicated than I had preached and believed. I have heard little voices from her. “Mom, there will be an elephant that needs you soon. I will be here for Joey when he dies, but he will live to be old.” “How old? He is already old,” I respond. “Don’t worry,” Is her reply.

Now I ask, “Maia, what are doing there? Please tell me.”

Maia answers, “There are days that I spend in mediation. Where I do not think a thought. I let the space around me be I and in this time my soul expands and I learn on deeper levels than I understand right now. This space is within a pure glistening light. There are days when I sleep. All I do is rest. There are times when I help the wolves in the upper [northern] states make intelligent decisions. I help them understand humans and their ways. I teach the wolves to only hunt wild animals and to talk to the dogs that guard the livestock. There are times when I am with you and the family. I watch you from a distance to see how to fit in when I come back. I learn about being a dog that is well socialized. I see how I could have lived my life better when I was there. I see my struggles and I understand that I did my best and I know I will do better the next time I am on Earth. I keep Storm company in the car when you leave him there because he gets lonely without me. I tell the cats that when they get here I will be their friend and I will make sure that no harm comes to them in their travels. I watch over you and I make sure that the right people know about you. I work with other spirits who know computers and love animals to get people to come upon your Web site. I remind people about you so that they will watch what you are doing. I remind you every day to write because your story is important even though at times it feels like you are writing only for yourself. Mom, I have vowed never to leave you. You sacrificed so much in life so that I could grow. You have no idea how much it means to me that you can still hear me. This world is beautiful but so is the world on Earth. Often I miss it. People need to know that their loved ones are still around them. We all watch you from a distance and at times we come closer. Every time we come close it uses more of our energy and then we have to rest. The more meditation we do the more work we can accomplish and the more we can manifest on Earth. Some spirits do not want to come closer because they feel too drained, so they send others to help their loved ones on Earth. These spirits who are sent are like adventurous messengers. Tell everyone to meditate. If you know yourself, you will know others.


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