Our Blue & Green Adventure Guide 2019

The ‘Santa Barbara Independent’ Presents Its 21th Annual Ode to the Great Outdoors

By Indy Staff | Published June 12, 2019

Twenty years ago, the Santa Barbara Independent launched its inaugural Blue & Green issue as a guide to adventure
and fun in the great outdoors. Over the decades, it’s evolved from a one-stop shop for the best hiking,
mountain biking, and climbing locations into an annual collection of stories about backpacking trips,
sailing excursions, island explorations, kayak expeditions, and poison oak sagas.

This year’s spread includes a little bit of everything, from John Zant’s memoir of walking the county’s entire coastline
in 1988 and an author who found solace through backpacking to the joy of watching leopard sharks near
Isla Vista and hiking into the hills above Carpinteria. (Plus this great photograph, and the one
on the cover, by Chuck Graham of pronghorn antelope amid the Carrizo Plain superbloom.)
As usual, there’s a full guide to outdoor-focused companies that are standing by to make your next trip happen.
Please enjoy, and then go outside.