Hello Gorgeous,

You had absolutely no idea what 2020 was going to bring, yet you’ve made it through with grace and style. You may have tossed a few well-placed tantrums, but who hasn’t?

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I want to say thank you ― thank you from your future self. I know life this year has been anything but normal, let alone easy. However, I’ve only seen you adapt and grow in ways you’ve never imagined possible.

Remember all those nights you used to spend going out with your girlfriends? I know how badly you missed it, for so long! But I have watched you learn how to be content, at home alone. It took some real effort to get there. You didn’t realize it at the time, but you were doing some serious inside work, and it paid off. You’ve learned how to be quiet. You’ve realized that staying home, staying in, can be incredibly enjoyable.

Remember those guys? None of them were really good enough for you. I knew it, but couldn’t say anything. I knew you’d figure it out. You used to believe you needed one or more of them on the hook, all the time. For sex, for dates, for good times. But I have watched you change. I watched you let go of them, one by one.

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Remember that one guy, though? You’ve been friends for a long time. He’s become pretty special to you, hasn’t he? I like how he treats you. How he shows up for you. You two spend a lot of time hanging out at your place. Remember how you used to struggle with that? Your comfort zone was anywhere but home. One-on-one. That was pretty scary. It was so intimate. Now look at you. You make breakfast together. He knows your habits. He knows your secrets. And I’m pretty sure he’s got it bad for you.

Remember that job you had? I knew they were going to let you go, and it killed me to watch it happen. You were terrified. But you had some unemployment coming, and that meant you got to work on your dream of starting that side gig. I know money’s tight, but you’re so happy when you’re deep in work you love!

Remember your plans to spend the holidays with your family on the East Coast? I know how sad and disappointed you are that you won’t be going anywhere now. And I also see how excited you’ve gotten about holiday cooking with your new man (can I call him that?). At home. Just the two of you. And binge-watching that show you’re both addicted to.

Remember how you’d always forget to call your family when you said you would? Well, I know you don’t take much for granted anymore. You care. You show up, even if it’s from a thousand miles away. A call. A text. You’ve actually even sent a few handwritten letters! You are more present. You have the gift of time.

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It’s not all about you. Not anymore. You’ve changed. You’ve broken down. You’ve grown up. You’ve thrown a few things. You’ve cried. You’ve laughed. You’ve learned so much about yourself. I can’t wait to see you continue to show up for yourself in 2021. You have no idea where it’s going to take you. And I get to watch you make it happen!

I love you! You’re worth it. Please always remember that. Love like there is only today. Laugh like there is no tomorrow. Eat that dessert. Stay in those cute pajamas. Do that thing. You will not regret it.

2020 has not been easy and it’s not over yet, but I now know that there is nothing you cannot do! And you are proving that, every single day.

Love always,


Patrice Rossi is a certified life coach who helps single Gen X women uncover, discover, create, and live their best life. Click here to read more about her and be sure to visit her Blog and Love Lessons at www.GirlPutDownThatPhone.com.

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