805 Beer’s film Convergence is now live on their website and Youtube channel. | Credit: 805 Beer

805’s latest documentary film, Convergence, had its world premiere in Huntington Beach at the U.S. Open of Surfing on August 3. The film unites surfing icons Conner Coffin and Nate Tyler with pro skateboarder and surfer Greyson Fletcher in a story of passion, perseverance, and family. 

Directed by Perry Gershkow, the film encapsulates the captivating stories of three extraordinary individuals whose lives have been shaped by their love for our California way of life and surfing. Weaving the stories of Coffin, the former World Tour ex-patriate and prince of Rincon, Fletcher, the latest in the revered Fletcher family dynasty, and Tyler, celebrated free surfer, these individuals live their lives differently and follow their own unique paths – united by their common love for the sport.

The inspiration behind the film comes from the three 805 Authenticos and American Pro Surfers, combining the different stories they have being from California and having many of the same interests. 805 Beer also helped inspire the film by helping bring the athletes together and gave them the opportunity to film with Gershkow to show some of their more intimate moments behind the competition scene.

It was up to Gershkow how the film was ultimately conceived, but Coffin, Tyler, and Fletcher were involved in the creative process of how they were portrayed in the film. In an interview with the Independent, Coffin said, “I think that the thread that carries the film is the time that we had together sharing our stories and our experiences with each other.” 

Parts of Convergence include the three athletes talking and sharing stories with each other around a fire pit up North.

Coffin said he hit it off and has gotten along with Fletcher since he was a teenager, and loved the content that Fletcher did with 805 Beer, which got him connected to the company. Coffin has also known Tyler since he was a kid, but said Tyler was always off doing his own thing. The film is what brought the three individuals together, and Coffin hadn’t seen Tyler for some years prior to filming.

“I think we all knew that we’d get along during a trip,” said Coffin. “We talked about doing it once we had the chance to do it through the film process; we’re all really excited.”

When asked what his favorite part was during the process of filming, Coffin said, “My overall highlight was just the time that I got to spend with Tyler and Fletcher up North. We stayed at cool little villas and our phones barely worked the whole time.” Coffin also added that he had fun when filming out on his boat, diving, and just being underwater because he had never really seen what that would look like on film.

“I’d say the commonality is that we’re drawn to our passion or what we love to do,” said Coffin. “Obviously we have three different paths, but I think that’s really fun and inspiring to be around.” 

Each individual is inspiring, with their own unique path in their own land, and were able to come together and have fun while filming Convergence.

Although everyone will have a different take away from the film, Coffin would like viewers to remember that life is more fun and more fulfilling when you go for things that you love to do and are passionate about — finding something that your heart’s into and going for it.

“Everyone’s unique in their own way, find what it is that really makes you tick and turn it on,” said Coffin. “Be willing to take the risk to go through that if it’s not something that’s totally ordinary, and don’t be afraid of what other people are going to think, go after that and believe in yourself.” 

805 Beer’s film Convergence is now live on their website and Youtube channel. 


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