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Le Meu Le Purr

"A New Canvas"


Genres: Alt / Indie rock, Rock

Sound description: Ventura-bred Santa Barbara staples Le Meu Le Purr have long been frequenters of the I.V. music scene. With their multilayered instrumentation, impeccable stage presence, and a sound that has managed to survive the critical comparisons that usually pigeonhole most up-and-coming rock outfits, the band has stepped out of the studio and into the limelight with its new release, A New Canvas. The album picks up where the last record, Sweet Smell of Asphalt, left off, but this time around, the arrangements are tighter, the production is slicker, and the sound is a bit more in your face.

“A New Canvas is about starting from scratch, accepting, and being excited about the unknown to come. We’ve all been frustrated before, whether it’s a job, life, relationship, country, yourself, or just being afraid of change. [The album] is all about making your own picture,” explained lead vocalist Aaron Johnson. “We really got to take our time with this record. We didn’t know what the record was going to be when we started, so each song was treated as its own. We’re all really into melody and harmonies, and we’ll try any idea that comes to mind.”

The result: A collection of deeply personal, sonically daring songs that cross genres and draw inspiration from emo, electro, dance, New Wave, and rock bands of past and present.

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Ventura’s Le Meu Le Purr formed in October 2003 as the bandmates’ separate projects were ending. Robin dared Aaron to write 10 songs in a month, who in turn asked Scott to jam on the songs together, and it’s been indie rock love ever since. The 10 songs Aaron completed on his dare became the band’s first album, The Sweet Smell of Asphalt. I fell in love with LMLP at an impressive SOhO show in May, watching them burst off the stage with energy in a speaker-climbing, genre-bending rock show, producing a whole lot of sound and feeling for just three guys. Now there are four bandmates, and things can only get better. - Independent Staff

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2003, Ventura, CA

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