Alcohol Versus Pot

Regarding the Marijuana dispensary issue: I am interested in how many businesses sell alcohol and cigarettes in Santa Barbara, and their proximity to the community, schools, and dependency treatment centers. Has “attention been paid to location” for alcohol and cigarette distribution or availability?

In my youth, cigarettes and alcohol were the “gateway” drugs. I have lost family and friends to alcoholism. Over my 50 years, none of my friends who smoke marijuana on a regular basis have ever been abusive or out of control.

Marijuana was a god-send to my brother, whom I lost to the AIDS virus. It gave him and others like him the ability to eat, and hold food down. Many people in chronic pain, who are riddled with cancer, who have MS, PTSD, etc. have benefited from this weed.

Others use marijuana for relaxation, recreation. Just like alcoholic cocktails.

I think that it would be appropriate to regulate the sale of alcohol—the number of “shops” per square mile, or whatever your formulae were to decide how many dispensaries are allowed in Santa Barbara.

I sincerely would appreciate information on just how many bars, liquor stores, restaurants, grocery stores, neighborhood markets, serve alcohol within Santa Barbara County.

Take the crime out of something that is innocuous in comparison to alcohol and cigarettes.

As far as those “in recovery,” they are on their own passing by groceries and liquor stores.

As far as our children are concerned, many can find alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription drugs in the family medicine cabinet. I don’t believe that anyone wants people giving drugs or alcohol to our youth. That is a separate issue.

The whole anti-dispensary conversation sounds very hypocritical: Marijuana getting the bad reputation, but “cheers” to that afterwork cocktail. In this day and age, with all of the science at our disposal! Alcohol kills people, yet I hear nothing of putting that under control.

How much domestic violence have people endured at the hand of a drunk? I have, for one, and I have little tolerance for drunk people.

The numbers are in, but the focus is on marijuana? Alcohol is responsible for so much violence, which is a huge problem today, yet I hear nothing of trying to take away anyone’s liquor, which has been proven to cause much more trouble on so many levels.

Looking forward to your response, and numbers on the alcohol situation, which is rampant. —Jane Copelan

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