Irish Slang

Jargon Used by Emerald Isle Natives

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Although the Irish and North Americans speak the same language, communication confusion is often common. This is due to not only alternate pronunciations but also the differing jargon used by Emerald Isle natives and folks in the New World. For example, if a Celt asks you for a rubber, be careful what you hand them—it’s an eraser they want, not a roll in the hay. Memorizing the following slang may help you keep conversations clear while chatting with those from the old sod.



Yonks A long time
Shattered Fatigued/very tired
Motherless Drunk
Jar A Pint
Hooley Party/celebration
Gone in the Head Crazy
Chancer Dodgy/risky character
Eejit Idiot
Fair play! Well done!

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