We Are the Government

It is time to vote for candidates who believe in American government, not those who hate it and thus destroy our Constitution, representational democracy, equal opportunity, and our community.

The bottom line must be the general well-being, not the enormous profits of a tiny percentage. That some are wealthier – fine, but not if it means strangling the rest by hoarding financial resources and buying anti-government politicians.

Remember, we are the government, we the people. Politicians against government are against people. More non-military programs such as early childhood instruction, nutrition, counseling, promoting healthy living, promoting a sustainable environment, promoting clean energy, etc. all promote life and a good economy for generations to come.

Exaggerated military expenditures destroy a country from within. It does more damage than the country’s enemies. Human expenditures, on the other hand, make for a healthy, happy community and a strong nation in case of real enemies.

Does a given candidate’s platform promote a healthy America with a thriving middle class, an effective constitution, representational democracy, and prosperity through peace, or high profits at any cost through any means?

We the people have paid taxes that have been used to subsidize companies to take our jobs overseas.

We the people have paid taxes that have been used to pay landholders not to grow food.

We the people have paid taxes which have been used to subsidize fast food chains that poison us.

We the people have paid taxes that have gone to a war machine that promotes dirty petroleum energy as opposed to solar and wind. Many young Americans and innocent foreigners have been killed to protect the interests of a few excessively greedy companies and individuals.

Politicians against government have borrowed enormous amounts from abroad selling out our children’s future and the vast part of that money has gone into greedy private hands now sitting in banks in Switzerland, the Caribbean, etc. It has been a case of asking John for a loan and saying you or your children will pay it back. The American people have been colossally shafted by those who say that they love America but hate government. American government is America! Phony patriotism and anti-American government policies self-destruct our nation from within. The anti-government, anti-community-expenditures politicians and industrial/financial leaders have sold us out time and time again to make as large as possible their private financial empires while millions of Americans can’t find work and suffer grave consequences.

It is time to wake up and demand a strong middle class, respect for the people’s votes, clear-cut platforms, and total respect for our Constitution as well as equal opportunity and freedom. It is time to stop using fear to weaken the Constitution.

Freedom comes from laws to protect the community (that’s us), not hollow words and flag-waving. Time to wake up and care for one another to promote life and justice for all.

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