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Posted on December 20 at 10:42 p.m.

The new meters interfere with AM Radio signals as bad as any cell phone does. PGE and SCE should have put shielding between their meter and your house. But are too cheap and do not care. Shielding might cost another 10 cents.

And the meters are constantly communicating to the mother computer your usage data. Or when you not at home. When you wake up. And most cell phones can listen. Just imagine a wire tap. The meters are an invasion of privacy and upset the paranoidals. Get the tin foil hat ready.

The meters do not just read your usage monthly like the old ones were read. These are gathering marketing data every minute. They know what is happening in your home 24/7. Even what you are watching on TV. And are good for spotting pot farms orwhen you use your little microwave to cook brownies or popcorn.

Worst, they eliminated all the good paying meter reading jobs. Or if you Opt Out, you are paying to have a human drive out to your house and read the meter.

Hopefully the States or Counties will require their Weights And Measures Division to certify each home meter monthly for accuracy. Just like a gas pump check on petrol cheating.


On The Truth About Smart Meters

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