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Posted on January 22 at 4:24 p.m.

A person lost a part of their family here. It's sad for all involved. The point is to let people know that this could happen so they can prevent it. Not an open platform to stereotype and gripe about all the hikers and pet owners in Santa Barbara.

And just a thought... Maybe you need a new activity if being "bluffed" by dogs "EVERY TIME" you hike is so stressful you feel warranted to pull a knife in front of the owners so they come get "Fido."

On Dog Shot and Killed on Santa Cruz Trail

Posted on January 22 at 2:52 p.m.

I would think that a responsible hunter traveling on an open trail would consider the fact these are domestic animals and would take other actions to scare the dogs away before resorting to shooting it.

Shoot the gun in the air? Throw a rock? Yell for the owner? Seems there are many other options before taking aim at someone's pet wearing a collar and tags. You don't just kill it like a wild animal because it's barking at you a few feet or yards away when you're on a walking on hiking trail.

It's not a matter of who should or shouldn't have a gun and whether one should keep a dog on a leash or not in the forest. It's a matter of respecting humanity and having some
compassion.Taking a life--ANY life should be the last and final option. NOT the first reaction.

On Dog Shot and Killed on Santa Cruz Trail

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