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Posted on April 19 at 3:32 p.m.

Ioonpt, I agree with not letting a good crisis go to waste, good point. And maybe the victim's family and loved one's would see it that way, because a senseless death is all it will be if we don't take action on many levels. On the issue of gangs, we just need ZERO tolerance. And yes, we need to help people find better ways to make their lives more fulfilled, to help them overcome whatever drives them toward wanting to be part of gang culture which serves no purpose of any value that I can figure out.
I have to also say it's understandable to want to just come down hard on contributing factors, like drinking at the beach, and saying that it should be banned. But I agree with one of the posters above who suggested what if we help rein in the situation, by reporting people who are drunk in public, littering, being a public nuisance, just nail those who are truly breaking the law. Then those who can enjoy a beer or two can have that privilege, just don't abuse other people's rights. Yeah, I know, we don't want to have to narc on everybody but truly, if something has become a problem we all should be willing to help stop it.

On Hendry’s Beach Victim Identified

Posted on April 16 at 7:59 p.m.

I would agree, this was not a typical gang victim. I would also speculate that most people would feel it is typical gang like behavior and reflects a gang like mentality. Random acts of extreme violence seem to go with the culture of being in a gang. Just as with the boy who was knifed outside of Saks Fifth avenue 2 years ago, there is this horrible sense of chaos, just impulse driven behavior taken to extremes. The victim, Mr. Simpson, had nothing to do with gangs, I know that for a fact. As for his murderer, I would be very surprised if he and his accomplices are not related to some gang somewhere. And there is one thing for certain, they are truly a gang of cowards.

On Hendry’s Beach Victim Identified

Posted on April 16 at 6:01 p.m.

I hope you will take back your sacred spot. You can't let the dark side win. What happened down there was as dark as it gets. My husband knew the victim, I knew him not so well. I do know no one deserves to die that way.

But I will also say it is weird, how like attracts like. How you felt the vibe getting weirder and more negative and I do think that becomes like fuel to the fire. So I also believe we need to put the good mojo back out there. The victims passing had me promising myself to go out and do more good, try to spread good around. I find comfort in knowing his passing might do that for others, I sure hope it will.

On A "Creepy" Day at Hendry's Beach

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