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Posted on May 5 at 11:17 p.m.

I've been a regular to Haskell's beach for over 35 years and I feel a need to address some misconceptions that others are spewing in the public arena. In particular two letters to the editor.

Haskell's beach is beautiful because the locals make it beautiful. If you notice Haskell's isn't littered with trash and why is this? Because the locals pick up any litter that washes up or any uncaring person drops. How dare you even suggest that the Barcara has anything to do with picking up litter and taking care of our Beach? I have never seen an employee of the Bacara clean the beach and I'm at the beach almost daily rain or shine. Trespassing? Come on now where were you trying to get to the beach from. There was never a huge problem of drugged transients roaming around doing illegal activities. I have walked the beach at Haskell's by myself at night without ever feeling unsafe. What the Bacara has done is try and intimidate locals from enjoying their beach. After dark the Bacara security invade locals privacy by looking inside cars with flashlights parked in the public lot. If locals are on the beach at night they follow them, train large flashlights on them and won't take them off until approached and directed to do so. I know this because its happened to me plenty times. What the Bacara has done is erode the cliffs pollute the beach with party balloons endangering the marine life and on and on. Let's keep in mind this is our beach and not the Bacara's. I would venture to say that Kristin Butler either works for the Bacara or someone close to her does to make the ridiculous comments she made in her letter.

Judy Atkins

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