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Posted on February 13 at 11:28 a.m.

first of all Caruso is a registered independent not republican - not that that should matter to an intellectually honest person.
second, while it may be easier for some people to simply pay higher taxes to the government in order to get a small percentage handed back, why not let someone invest their own money and take the risk themselves - locals reap the benefit and make due with a little smaller handout for 15 years then they get the whole pie "due" them -
just for the record, Caruso will make a bunch on money on this project which he will have to pay higher taxes on.... if it just sits then it is a loss and he pays lower taxes, the locals get less tax revenue, and the eyesore brings no new "big spenders" in which also hurts the local economy.
go figure how THAT makes sense -

On Miramar Blight Gone, but Fiscal Stalemate Continues

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