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Posted on December 25 at 11:04 a.m.

It's more than a little sad to learn that much-vaunted chef Bradley Ogden is so limited in his abilities that he cannot manage to cook a single Danish specialty for a once-in-a-lifetime event meant to celebrate Solvang's Danish heritage. The attitude of Root 246 seems to be "Yeah, this is your celebration, but this is what we cook, so if you don't like it there's the front door." Why not just serve burgers 'n' fries so Ogden doesn't have to exert himself at all?

It's also clear that events coordinator Linda Johansen has little or no respect for her guests. Why else should she be serving a beverage that she describes as "poison" at their celebratory dinner? (I'm guessing she's never had a proper glass of akvavit.) Or perhaps her message is just "We'll be including a token Danish item on the menu, but don't worry --- we won't make you drink it, and now that the centennial celebration is over we'll do our best to ignore anything remotely Danish so we can serve you the same California cuisine as everybody else."

As for me, I will save the money that I would otherwise have spent at Root 246 for my next trip to Copenhagen and a visit to a restaurant that's not ashamed of their heritage:

On Akvavit, Aebelskiver, and Ogden

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