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Posted on January 18 at 6:58 p.m.

Well, I live in San Francisco and have worked at many law firms, and companies like Williams-Sonoma Corporate since the late 1990's. There are no attractive lesbians who are out of the closet at these places I ever found and for those who are, there are less than 1% of the workforce.

People are highly aware and very uptight about sexuality because the gay men have so much freedom and legal protection in the workforce. This causes hetero men to be very uptight about needing a large pool of hetero women to work with so there are virtually no attractive lesbians out of the closet whatsoever from my decades long experience in the workforce.

I found only the stereotypical type of lesbians feel free to come out because it's no surprise to people. If you try and come out outside the stereotype, such that I did around the time Ellen Degeneres came out, you are ostracized and punished that is designed to scare off other lesbians from doing the same.

I found women are intimated by heterosexual men in the workforce for fear of losing their jobs. In one example I was accused of "staring at female employees", and that they "couldn't sleep at night." Female attorneys are assigned to make sure there's no appearance of male based discrimination against you, that it's all just a bunch women freaking out over your coming out.

That's what they did to me and all I can say is these people have been extremely cruel to me for decades severely crippling my life. I am continually harassed by control freaks who know I'm single who want to make sure I have no freedom.

So I've stayed in the closet because it's safer. I pray for Kristy McNichol's safety, people are crazy out there. I've been to lesbian bars and am always so disappointed I never return. KM''s a breath of fresh air and I love her photos and seeing her act in a some of her adorable films. I'm glad at least one attractive lesbian is happy because they are far and few from my experience.

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