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Posted on November 7 at 3:28 a.m.

I am all for justice if you actually commit the crime. You should do the time. But at the same time if allegations of PD and DA issues come up those should be fully investigated by an independent council too. Just be cause one did a crime in the DUI does not mean they are not telling the truth or have witness that differ from the reality the PD and DA are trying to push. If anything to me when law enforcement breaks the rules they should do the full amount of time for it. They are breaking the trust and the honor of the badge and the office.

Now Santa Barbara has another DUI case with a beating too so are we to say that this is not a trend? maybe so or maybe not but till it is investigated in an unbiased way it should never be disregarded especially when you have several citizen witnesses.

On Lance Cites 'Outrageous Government Conduct' in Motion to Dismiss

Posted on August 23 at 12:20 a.m.

I am not sure if this is the area with the avacado trees that keep getting cut down or the entire area going all the way to Los Carneros. I love this bit of nature. The changes happening in SB and Goleta are not for the better. Yes we need affordable housing but at the same time those that really need it get jerked around on waiting lists for years or section for years. I was on the section 8 list and was told it could be as long as 6 to 8 years. That does not help anyone.

I was born and raised in SB was delivered at Goleta Valley Hospital. With all of the older people and those that are honestly disabled in the area housing a huge especially as state and local an d federal budgets keep getting cut. But more housing that in reality will be over 300k probably more like 500k how does this help anyone. So the first owner has to be low income after that it can sell to anyone.

We also have water and traffic issues along with school issues.Just what we need is schools to be more impacted and strapped for space so it lowers the quality of the teaching which is bad enough due to all the language issues.

I never want to be Ventura or like Oxnard growth is a killer for SB/Goleta.

On Bashing and Boosting Bishop Ranch

Posted on June 3 at 2:25 p.m.

Being a patient of Jen's for 10 years it is like missing my little sister. Over the years we had grown to be very close. I will miss her deeply. We all will she was a wonderful caring person.
All of the nurses that work in the T suite are wonderful people. Thank you Hangama for writing this wonderful piece about a wonderful person.

On Jennifer Shay Hubbard, Nurse

Posted on May 25 at 6:18 p.m.

Speaking of business in SB and else where in CA. The only way for brick and mortar types of business to survive really is to be a mix use. Mix use being a fixed location plus a very savvy online business also. Either that be a simple ebay store front or a more extensive online website.

As henryjk was mentioning in the post above small industrial companies are in real trouble and so are many small shops. At some point land lords will need to be reasonable with rents on State St. or other areas down town. 5-10k a month just on rent is insanity most small business are lucky to pull in 20k a month and by the time employee costs and stock are taken care of. These business are basically in the red.

Rents in SB are in the same insanity too. Renting a room costs 700-1200 dollars a month. In Denver you could get a extremely nice 2 bedroom apartment for $1200. I think it might be time for SB's elected officials to look into rent control such as has been down in Santa Monica area for years.

Some of the issues facing this state and nation is that fact that everyone looks to see how much they can get. Rather then I am making say $500 a month on this piece of property after all my costs are covered. Instead they look at it as I can get $10,000 over my costs. I understand you have to make a profit but at what point does it go from a profit to raking some one over the coals?

On Meg Whitman Confident as Ever

Posted on May 25 at 6:05 p.m.

Meg Whitman scares me for the simple fact of she has zero experience doing civil service work or dealing with these types of budgets. I find her to be very similar to Arnold " the terminator" of our budget and our state. We honestly need some bright minds that know how to wade through the BS and get the job done.

Big business has no business trying to run a state let alone the 6th largest economy in the world. Once Whitman is in office it will be business as usual for all the Goldman Sachs people in the state.

On Meg Whitman Confident as Ever

Posted on January 4 at 5:27 p.m.

When I lived in LA I listed to kevin and Bean. Honestly they are alright but no where near as good as Spencer and Adam.

This must be close to the end for KJEE

On KJEE Morning Show Signing Off

Posted on October 10 at 11:36 p.m.

I honestly hate dirty politics. Especially by rich people that are just digging anything up. Honestly no one in life is perfect so I in voting can't expect that. Especially in these wonderful economic times.

Van Wolfswinkel seems like just another rich person trying to buy their juice to me. Not just that but he's behind that Measure B thing too. How lame is that we are arguing over 20 feet or something like that. What is the point.

So if all these people are voted in he's supporting and Measure B win's I guess we should just elect this rich buy Mayor. Whats the point he already bought the town like in Patrick Swayze in Road House!

Some times living in this city it's appalling how people care about some of the dumbest things imaginable. Especially when we have so many other serious issues to contend with.

On Council Race Gets Negative

Posted on October 10 at 11:24 p.m.

Just get the project done. After so many years anything at this point is better then what we have. With more public access even better.

On La Entrada Revisions Face Little Opposition

Posted on September 23 at 1:24 p.m.

I actually agree with Mickey on the degree of time it takes to go through the process. Yes we as a society are that desensitized to violence and accidents. The amount of danger to our drivers and pedestrians is extreme when you have to use alternate routes for multiple hours. Not just that but in a city like SB these routes are not meant to hold this amount of traffic.

On the note of being desensitized to violence accidents or what ever else not. Think of the TV shows we as Americans watch nightly if you watch the box any more for that matter. News is nothing but the death toll for that given day in most major cities. If you watch the LA news. Even in lovely SB we get it too. Violence is every where in our society including our kids video games that many parents use as a baby sitting device.

Why dont the police and fire in this country do like that do in Europe and erect tarp barriers so that traffic and looky loos are kept at bay and life keeps moving. This would save a massive amount of time and danger.

On Accident on 101 Kills One, Snarls Traffic

Posted on August 29 at 11:06 a.m.

I see both sides of your writings. My issue is I also feel like I sold out in a degree. I was a devote Hillary supporter. I felt she could get something done. My biggest reasoning for this was Hillary will twist arms is brutal and has the insight to push till it gets done.

Obama on the other hand reminds me of that Yoda type that tries to use wisdom and motivation to get things done. Even a bit of give and take. What gets me is why would you ever do that when you have a huge divide in numbers in both the House and the Senate. At this point the Republicans should have next to no say about anything. Let them cross the aisle or vote against massive reform. I am a democrat and my own party seems like a bunch of talk to me. I am sick of talk I want to see action, action is what I along with fellow Americans voted for.

I can say I will never vote for Obama again if he does not do what he promised and rather quickly. I still think everyone in this country has gotten the shaft but corporate America and the auto industry. With the TARP funds and so forth all many of them did was feed the pockets again. I feel if you can't run a business well you should not be a business. If people do not buy your product then maybe your product is not well made or your reputation is so bad that people can't trust it. At some point you have to let business like this fail. Yes they do employ millions of people but at the same time that should be the catalyst to change the industry use more technology to develop environmentally friendly vehicles that don't run on gas. Put these people to work building these vehicles or other types of planet friendly items. As we have many million of people out of work, losing their homes, with out Health Care, Not able to receive Unemployment.

I think the country needs to rally around the President. To support these issues. We as citizens of this country have to voice our disdain for this situation.

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