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Posted on November 30 at 12:56 a.m.

Just watch the documentary “Gasland” – it tells you all you need to know about this industry. What happens when fracking comes to town: you get fracked. Drinking water permanently destroyed, air severely polluted, soil polluted, groundwater permanently devastated. And that’s not to mention the massive truck traffic, the millions upon millions of gallons of water that is used up in drilling these wells, and the ongoing enormous toxic waste problems this unregulated industry produces. That’s what fracking does. That’s not “energy independence”, that’s biocide. That’s the end of independence and the beginning of slavery. What independence can you have when you have a destroyed environment? By the time the confused public finds out what happened, it will be far too late. Oh the shame.

These liars say “there’s no groundwater pollution – it’s safe”, when anyone can open national geographic or go on youtube and see FLAMMABLE DRINKING WATER where pristine well water was prior to fracking. They have NO respect for private property owners, businesses, or the environment. They DO NOT CARE, they DO NOT NOTIFY the property owners of what they are doing, they won’t even tell you what they’re injecting into your land until the government forces them too. And once the toxic water and air start revealing themselves (and I mean, really, really toxic, deadly toxic), they lie right to everyone’s faces and do everything they can to weasel out of any responsibility. That’s what fracking offers to Santa Barbara County.

This is essentially what fracking is: an unregulated oil industry. Does that sound safe? Do I need to remind everyone of what happened in Santa Barbara in 1969? Think about that times 1,000 and you have fracking. Here’s why: unregulated profits. And the profiteers are making hay while the sun shines, hoping to make as much dirty money as possible before the “trail of tears” is discovered, the gigantic pile of public health hazards are unveiled, and the regulations and lawsuits commence.

This is the most dangerous public health and environmental issue happening in (wherever it’s happening) today. Fracking permanently destroys and despoils the ecosystem wherever it is practiced. Do you really think this incredibly profitable and completely irresponsible industry can’t hire some shills to monitor the media for “fracking” articles, and then have some of their agents pose as citizens, aggressively filling the comment boxes with pro-fracking opinions! Of course they can! And against that, we have normal citizens who stand to have their drinking water supply destroyed, their air polluted, and their environment permanently despoiled, all so a small number of money-blinded, short-sighted men can make a fistful of dollars. There is nothing I can say that would overstate how incredibly dangerous this activity is to the residents of Santa Barbara County. And it’s already happening now!

On Hooked on Frack?

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