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Posted on September 24 at 9:42 a.m.

AutoCoalition: I don't intend to look at that video. I can easily imagine what happens when a car hits a biker.

I offer to you that the roads and streets belong to all of us; all of us have the right to use them; all of us have a duty to drive and bike carefully, which it sounds as though that is exactly the biker was doing. It's also what I as a driver do --- and I hope they throw the book, the maximum penalties possible, at this young man who apparently was not and was driving when he should not have been. (His parents or whoever owned the vehicle should also be penalized.) Maybe by these penalties other drivers might pay more attention.

On Truck-Bicycle Death Charges Filed

Posted on September 19 at 9:06 a.m.

The mural on the Paradise was there before the present owner owned the restaurant — fyi, it was originally called La Paloma. And the HLC, rather than the ABR, has jurisdiction because the HLC's jurisdiction is the historic district. ...Imo, it's arguable that the EPV boundaries should not extend to west side of Chapala, but that's another question.

On Cajun Kitchen Rallies to Save 'Gator Boy'

Posted on September 18 at 10:49 a.m.

No, Ms. Plowman, it's not a "fear of the unknown" that motivates objections to the 4-story, very limited parking you advocate for Santa Barbara. Take a look at the increase in traffic along Milpas and along Haley weekday afternoons --- it's that that is a motivation for opposing substantially increasing the density along Haley and Milpas. Somehow, I don't think you live in this east side area where you and Peikert want to build, build, build.

Sure, housing is needed but it should be respectful of the area. To say that people don't have cars, don't drive is delusional. Look at all the streets around Franklin School, for instance, when school is in session: the school parking lot is too small for all the school employees so they park in neighborhood streets; look at those streets when the school has a function — parents in that generally low-income neighborhood school drive there.

It's just not as simple as it's presented. 4-story buildings block views and change air movement, more buildings, more housing increases traffic on streets not designed for it. Build it and more and more will come. (And then, of course, you can build more which makes one think that your advocacy is more than a little bit protective of your job.)

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 11 at 7:34 a.m.

Important and unfortunate side effects of the increase in student population are the effects on the westside. Parts of it are now being called "Little IV" and there's been a related rise in rents with negative effects on (mostly Latino/Hispanic) longterm resident families. Other effects are on traffic, congestion, air pollution, parking in the mornings: despite students paying for and receiving bus passes, many prefer to drive.

As for Ebenstein's continuing rather racist approach: it's great that there are more Latino/Hispanic students, but so what? The Census showed that Santa Barbara's Latino/Hispanic, as self-described, population has increased. It's expected that the percentage attending the local college would reflect that. The first C in SBCC is supposed to be Community (or perhaps City) so that it is good that many are coming from the local schools.

What SBCC needs to do is show more clearly where their students come from. Specifically, which schools and how many receive the AA, what are the dropout rates; how many go on to 4-year schools (easy to do from SBCC.) How many, what percentage come from the SBCC district (not just the broader County) but the district from Gaviota to the Ventura Line that is been asked to fund these improvements? (Not many consider that tearing down Wake Center to be an "improvement".)

Before asking for this huge bond with the increase in taxes that will be felt by homeowner and renter, SBCC needed to have shown how, with specifics, this is a benefit for the locals paying for it. Despite their expensive out-of-town PR firm and their glossy mailers, they failed to do this.

Ernie Salomon does indeed "let loose", but the chair of the No on S committee is former Public Defender and Green Party candidate for Attorney General, Glen Mowrer. The No on S website is here:

On Democrats Split on SBCC Bond

Posted on September 2 at 10:41 p.m.

StrongSilence: Of course, housing is needed! Build it and they will come, that's what Goleta is all about, and it proves that housing is needed since if it weren't needed they wouldn't come. And round and round goes the argument and "proof".

What's certain is that not enough people care about Goleta, what's left of it, to even bother to run for city council --- and that's just a crying shame. By the time someone does care, there won't be anything left to care about, except mile upon mile of Towbesian stucco.

On Loss of Hollister/Glen Annie Sidewalks the Last Straw

Posted on September 1 at 11:48 p.m.

Perhaps the abutters on Anapamu can be given a break on their water bills!

It would be a tragedy if the city council were too short-sighted to do this. The city is spending a lot of money on center islands around Franklin School that aren,t liable to be used. And twice a week the Adelante field is watered so the water runs into the street. Would that some of this money, some of this water would go to preserve the beautiful Anapamu streetscape.

On Stone Pines Distressed by Drought

Posted on August 30 at 7:53 a.m.

Glue cards are evil -- putting poisoned seeds in bird feeders is even more so. Hydrex, an Independent advertiser in the current edition of the Independent, should be heavily fined, as should the Fess Parker.

(In addition, this story should have noted that Hydrex is an advertiser, with the current edition's ad claiming that birds can carry diseases; well, uh, yes, all animals can, including chickens. The solution should not be to mass poison.)

The hotel's solution to too many birds is not to attract more with poisoned feeders but to keep the food-preparation and serving areas clean.

On Poisonous Bird Food?

Posted on August 29 at 9:12 a.m.

I am glad this will be on updated, well-engineered foot and bike bridge, not a car bridge. If it were the latter, it would be a speedway, with the new underpass by Milpas. There are plenty of other ways to get to Milpas and the 101 accesses --- and this will be great encouragement for biking and even walking. Having lighting will help with safety.

Thanks to whoever designed it and developed the grant application!

On Big Bucks for Bike Projects

Posted on August 28 at 10:07 p.m.

Of course, it's "appropriate" to focus on housing! How can it be inappropriate when the area at the bottom of the hill, Rancheria and Ladera Street areas that used to be low-income Latino are now SBCC student-occupied apartments! And what about Isla Vista that has had such an influx of SBCC often part-time-students, some taking the place of UCSB students, moved on campus, others forcing out longtime residents or at the least raising the rents?

Just because the city is talking about the whole, parking, transport and housing (and the County Isla Vista issues, too?), does NOT mean we should not be talking about the components, especially when the college is demanding that the local people pay for all these wish-list improvements -- and more than half of the students are from outside of the district. (20,000 students, 11,000 from outside the district.) And what about the parking, the effects on the slipholders at the harbor, as discussed in edhat:

This is not like the SB school district bonds for music and art education; this is for construction or, rather they're for tearing down and rebuilding, sometimes, bigger and bigger.)

On Measure S: The $288 Million Question

Posted on August 23 at 7:58 a.m.

A groin and boat launch ramp makes much more sense than an expensive pier that serves few, has no $redeeming commercial benefits.

On Gaviota Pier Not Opening for Years

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