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Posted on September 6 at 10:13 a.m.

I am pleased for the thousands of victims of institutions (religious, schools, etc) who were abused as children but are finally receiving compensation AND vindication for their suffering although nothing short of amnesia can ever erase the crime and it can NEVER be un-done!

However, I would like to point out that many victims are falling through society's cracks innocent children abused by family members in the 'safety' of their own homes! As children, no one comes to their rescue and they have no choice but to endure. If they are extremely lucky as adults, they may find a lawyer willing to sue the abuser but the likelihood of the judgment ever being realized is slim. In fact, I'd be curious to hear from ANY ONE who managed to obtain a judgment and actually collect on that judgment!

One victim received a judgment worth $1 million + (after interest), contacted in excess of 1000 lawyers for help to collect this judgment which was collectable but not a penny was ever paid on the judgment. Why?

I'd like to hear from others who have fallen through the legal cracks email info@catharsisfoundation

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