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Posted on July 10 at 8:44 p.m.

1. prosecuting Deputy District Attorney Sanford Horowitz, who argued that Makler’s questions were “irrelevant”

2. the DDA Horowitz's equally concerted efforts to block all the questions, and Judge Eskin's patently irrational, nonsensical support for the obfuscation of Beutel and Horowitz.

Prosecutors clients are not the police. Prosecutors should not help lying police cover up their lies.

Horowitz should be investigating Beurtel.

Instead Horowitz is wreaking havoc with the lies of Beutel.

Amazingly, he used to work for the IRS

Adjunct Professor of Law

Sanford Horowitz is a Deputy District Attorney with the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office. Prior to that, he was a Special Agent with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. In that capacity, he investigated criminal violations of federal law including tax evasion, tax fraud, money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, and asset forfeiture. He has been a guest speaker for the Criminal Tax Fraud, Tax Litigation, and Federal Tax Procedure courses in the LLM tax program at the University of San Diego School of Law. Mr. Horowitz wrote a paper on tax reform to Innocent Spouse Relief, “Tax Court Jurisdiction and Equitable Relief under Sections 6015(f) and 66(c),” which was published in Tax Notes Today. Mr. Horowitz received his BS in Accounting from California State University Long Beach. He received his JD and LLM from the University of San Diego School of Law.
Fall 2011 Classes

* Taxation of Anti-Money Laundering

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