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Posted on September 1 at 11:24 p.m.

Thanks for sharing this! We are fortunate to actually have 4 bald eaglets born this year on Santa Cruz Island without human help. I believe they all have fledged now and the two from the Pelican nest can often be seen while kayaking, etc between Prisoners & Pelican.

On Feathering Their Nests

Posted on November 19 at 9:38 p.m.

wow. this is all very interesting. thank you sbrobert for those examples of common child abuse. so true & so sad.

On Teacher in Trouble

Posted on November 5 at 8:54 p.m.

Thanks Matt for doing this story justice. I met Lori Ann David at Santa Cruz Island where we both were visitors for the Chumash gathering this summer and I've been looking forward to seeing the mosaic. It was an honor to witness the Chumash ceremonies on the island. I'm grateful they continue to share their culture with us despite all they have endured.

On Within the Syuxtun Story Circle

Posted on October 28 at 10:18 p.m.

My concern has not been voiced so far & is actually quite specific. I pay to take my dog to Elings, usually p.m after work. Walking down the hill from E.South to E. North (or vice-versa), I am literally blinded by the lights on the playing fields. It is treacherous walking down even with a flashlight because of the lights. If this happens on both sides of the hill (even a few days a week) it will really be a shame. I'm not saying to kill the BMX plans...just that it makes more sense to not move the track, for a variety of reasons. But frankly I HATE those lights. They give me migraines, are blinding, ruin the view from the top of E. North and are a source of light pollution. You can see them all over the area. Living off Veronica Springs, we see the glow of Elings and hear amplified events. Of course it's not that big of a deal, but people should be respected not criticized for concerns over what happens in their back yards.
Not so related... manicured fields use a lot of water. The BMX course must be far more sustainable. Green spaces that cause over-consumption are a travesty.

On Save Elings Park South

Posted on October 28 at 9:13 p.m.

Really enjoyed this story. Thank you. What a wonderful example about the value of inclusion. Hope to try the merlot soon!

On Giving Back in the Giving Season

Posted on October 22 at 7:02 p.m.

This story fails to mention that one of his previous charges was sexual in nature - although Neff wouldn't admit that either. Around 2004 he was near Mesa Lane, taking photos of some teenage girls sunbathing on the beach. One of the girls went up and confronted him and he may have grabbed her (can't remember). Then he ran, a police officer found him on the mesa & he hit the officer! He got off with a misdemeanor. Of course he's admitting that he injected them since the statute of limitations is up.
This guy is a con-artist perv piece of sh*t.

On Neff Admits Attacks

Posted on May 1 at 9:02 a.m.

FYI...this event is sold out BUT you can visit the Ty Warner Sea Center and check out the Sustainable Seafood Program anytime.

Strange & unfortunate that this piece leads with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's program when the SB Sustainable Seafood Program is as well-researched and implemented.

On Is Your Fish Ecologically Fishy?

Posted on March 9 at 8:57 p.m.

Here are some of the guidelines put out by NOAA and established as regulations for most whale watching countries around the world:
(interestingly the U.S. is one of the few countries without national regulations and in CA we don't have our own unlike MA, HI, AK, WA...)

• Remain at least 100 yards away from whales, dolphins, porpoises and from seals and sea lions that are on land, rocks or ice.
• Do not crowd other whale watching vessels. When encountering other whale watchers, wait your turn at a distance, then approach cautiously after they have left the area. (2 vessels max recommended)
• Limit your viewing time with any individual or group of marine mammals to ½ hour
• While viewing marine mammals, you should ensure that your actions do not cause a change in their behavior
• Do not encircle or entrap whales between your boat and shore, or another boat and your boat. Always leave them an escape route.
• Avoid following behind or approaching directly in front of whales or other marine mammals. Vessels should attempt to parallel the whale's course.

So what's going on at the harbor?! I'm surprised that neither the Harbor Patrol or NOAA was looking out for the whale.

On Whale Makes Scene in Harbor

Posted on March 4 at 8:43 p.m.

i don't think there's any point in calling out the 3 who couldn't afford a lawyer by name. they get double exposure because they don't have $$.
and yes, i'm curious about the inequalities i see. i'm sorry loonpt if you're upset about the arraignment's lack of attendance. i think the da's office accomplished it's goal of wetting down the public's fire.

On Tea Fire Ten Appear in Court

Posted on March 4 at midnight

why mention only the names of the 3 who couldn't afford a lawyer but not the other 7 defendents? i knew $$ could buy you a lot in this town including a great defense lawyer...but anonymity in the Independent? i thought that's what the NewsPress was for.

On Tea Fire Ten Appear in Court

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