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Posted on November 27 at 8:37 a.m.

You clearly do not get it and furthermore you seem to have gone to great lengths to let people know that about you.
You made the same plunge @ E. Menzies/The Sober Spitbath's provocative article on her experience as a caregiver of a TBI patient after seeing the "Descendants."
She was not writing a film review, it was her experience.
You know as a surfer you might want to try some compassion. These things happen A LOT in your world. And you my dear friend do not represent the surfing community.
My surfer friends are very spiritually connected.
Looking at life and experience from anothers view seems to be the soul of the surfer.
That is why a lot of us love film.
This film was carefully and thoughtfully made.
It is a touch stone, a place where someone who has had to suffer this kind of loss might find some peace.
You never know when or where this might happen to you.
Try reading this again. I have hope for you.

On Family Turmoil in Widescreen Hawai'i

Posted on November 26 at 8:13 p.m.

Don't even bother what? Caring? Hoping? Seeing the film?
Wrong on all counts.
Where are your manners man.
This is a heart felt piece of surrender and hope. We all have to face life altering situations and that is where our character comes from. Lizzy gave it her all and seems to be able to see and feel when others do the same. Some times bad situations are beyond anyones judgement. If you were not there, how can you know. I am just grateful she has the balls to just say it without trying to deliver it like a wannabe literary giant. I loved this piece. Lizzy follows her heart and the heart path can be a bumpy one. Happy Tanks giving. I had some of your divine southern deep fried turkey at the Alano Club and what a turkey it was!
How do you do it? When do you get a cooking blog? Or a dinner and a movie blog? Cause mama- you can work some groceries! Peace FH

On A Descendant: The Journey Of A TBI Caregiver

Posted on July 13 at 1:28 p.m.

There she is. This one is just too hysterical. I laughed. I cried. I p'd my pants. You are so funny!

On When Did Life Turn Into A Game Of... " Whack a Mole?"

Posted on April 2 at 12:53 p.m.

Lizzy Lu you rock baby.
Love the Live Nude title.Your naughty and wonderful and you make me laugh during a cruddy day.

On Live Nude Water Babies! The Adventure of Taking Off And Diving In!

Posted on March 30 at 2:45 a.m.

I do hope you get your break. Your time will come. I have faith.

On The End Comes: Powerless to The Passing Of The Loved

Posted on November 17 at 6:43 a.m.

Why did this woman have to get hurt before the police did something?

On Police Arrest Alleged Stalker

Posted on November 15 at 3:28 p.m.

I remember way back when that someone mentioned nominating The Sober Spitbath lady. Might be interesting to have a sober voice.
Just sayin'.

On Political Idol Auditions

Posted on November 15 at 1:11 a.m.

Still. Ventura city and Ventura county are not the same. Like Santa Barbara the city and SB County.
Priceline is the WORST at Customer Service.
They take your moeny and then they just don't care.
But hey The Courtyard by Marriot came through,kudos.
Although I don't know what you would do in Thousand Oaks for a weekend?

On There's No Business, In Bad Business

Posted on November 14 at 5:16 p.m.

Yes it is Sons Week, and you my dear lady, do your Son proud.
Did you know it was Sons Week when you wrote the piece?
I noticed you changed the title.
And you should check out "The Winners Circle" piece by John Luca.
You two are the epitomy of grateful!
You have both lost and won so much and find gratitude in the whole experience!
Happy break.

On Tuesdays With Declan: It's National Sons Week...And I Need To Gush! From IEP Misfit To Santa Barbara High School “Student Of The Month”

Posted on November 14 at 5:08 p.m.

I LOVE this!
You and the Sober Spitbath lady win for most optimistic!

On Winners’ Circle

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