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Posted on September 30 at 8:10 p.m.

In 2008 for approximately 3 months I was a participant during the use of this technology in the Gulf of Mexico. I was crew on the "safety boat" Our task was to warn shipping of the 5 mile exclusion zone around the seismograph vessel. Warn the vessel of fishing nets and other obstructions including marine life. We saw two pods of whales (Aprox 8 with 2 calves and a pod of 6 with one calf.) which swam approximately 100 meters from the cables. The seismograph vessel trailed 8 cables, each a length of seven kilometers. The two pods of whales did not exhibit agitation during the transmition of the sound waves. Neither did I or the crew ever witness dead or stunned fish. The only complaint was by the fisherman is that we were distrubing the nets.

On Staring Down a Sound Gun

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