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Posted on May 15 at 2:37 p.m.

@KV: I agree. I've recently participated in one of these pop-up meals (not the one in question) and enjoyed it. Though I have to shair that the expected "donation" seemed high for what we received. Not to split hairs, but I suspect the donation is a way of getting around the required health inspections traditional restaurants have to submit to. While I'd guess that health inspections help in general, I know they aren't perfect. I've experienced food poisoning twice as an adult: once soon after eating at a well-known and well-rated local restaurant, and once at a beach BBQ that featured take-out food from another local restaurant. Never had a problem after countless eats at friends’ homes, or from weeks of food stands and restaurants in Manhattan, Baja, Central America or in Taiwan, etc - always let my nose and eyes be my guide.... If I were at Subero's place and it smelled and looked like good food, and the cook was wearing a shirt, I wouldn't hesitate to eat thair.

On Pop-Up Dining Hits Isla Vista

Posted on May 15 at 1:31 p.m.

it's probably an armpit hair....

On Pop-Up Dining Hits Isla Vista

Posted on May 14 at 5:41 p.m.

"A wise man never warms himself by the picture of a fire."

On Tour de Santa Barbara

Posted on May 14 at 4:23 p.m.

BC: As the saying goes, there's nothing wrong with asking. If the Amgen event organizers asked and Solvang said yes, then the problem, if there is one, lies with the permission process, not the requestor. Your crank issue is with Solvang not the bike tour.

On Tour de Santa Barbara

Posted on May 14 at 7:30 a.m.

@BC: Sounds like you have a problem with the city of Solvang, not with a legit bicycle event. The events I listed are comparable in the sense that in both cases significant public areas are shut down for a specialized event. It gives joy to some and inconveniences others. There are pros and cons associated with living in a city or town, and they aren't the same for each citizen. While I agree there are rude bicyclists out there, and some of their behavior is inexcusable, they are a minority. Bicycling in general is a great activity and should be encouraged.

On Tour de Santa Barbara

Posted on May 13 at 10:09 p.m.

@howgreen: you are missing – a lot. My point was that the behavior of trashy kids is due to their trashy upbringing and has little or nothing to do with their teachers; was that unclear? How can you blame piled-high-and-deeps for poor upbringing? I would think a self-styled old timer like you would know better. And where did you get the idea that I suggested another law against littering? Perhaps you’re patting yourself on the back too hard. Go ride a bike and get some fresh air.

On Tour de Santa Barbara

Posted on May 13 at 5:36 p.m.

@howgreen: no offense taken. I was taken aback by your support of a narrow, negative and nasty response to a positive activity. Your subsequent posts indicate you don't understand bicycling or bicyclists at all. Your view is akin to thinking all ranchers and cowboys sit around their blazin’ saddle campfire, burning bright on federally subsidized land, eating beans, producing green-house gases, and uttering garbled semi-literate anti-government opinions while mindlessly shooting their guns into the air. And regardless of your admirable litter collection efforts, if you think the piled high and deeps are responsible for uncouth, unmannerly young slob-like behavior, you don’t understand parenting and its responsibilities, and the complementary role of teaching, which can only build on and add to what parents deliver to the class room.

@BC: Are you against the Fiesta and Solstice and all other parades, and community events that temporarily shut down streets, like the farmer’s market, or are you simply grumpy and inconsistent?

On Tour de Santa Barbara

Posted on May 13 at 2:17 p.m.

I agree with dadof3, there are a lot of arrogant 'road riders' out there. Of course the ones in cars do the most damage.

"In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 630 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles and 51,000 were injured. These numbers represent approximately 2 percent of the total number of people killed and injured in traffic crashes. In 2000, the number of fatalities dipped below the 700 mark for the first time in the past decade"

"Obviously with 677 deaths per year, there are risks associated with riding a bicycle. Bicycle fatalities represent just over two percent of all traffic fatalities, and yet bicycle trips account for one percent of all trips in the United States. However, bicycling remains a healthful, inherently safe activity for tens of millions of people every year."

Cars and bicylists need to be courteous to each other, share the road, and both need to understand and obey driving laws.

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Posted on May 13 at 1:09 p.m.

@Howgreen: what an arrogant, intolerant and ignorant post! have you ever ridden a bike as far as these people plan to? do you really think they are all, or even mostly, using drugs? further, if your people have been here so long, and you don't like what they've made CA into, that's your problem. Unless you are one, your ancestors chased the native americans away and their survivors may have similar sentiments towards you and yours as you express toward late comers. Sounds like you need a stiff dose of Maalox....

On Tour de Santa Barbara

Posted on May 13 at 10:33 a.m.

@Holly and Howgreen: enjoy your holiday, and please don't feel like you have to hurry back. I'm looking forward to watching these champion athletes and hope they enjoy their visit!

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