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Posted on October 19 at 1:38 p.m.

My humble point of view, I not making excuses for no one, as a Latino, living 1/2 of my life in Santa Barbara, I do not agree with the comments that classifies Latinos as the bad people, lets be fair, and those ones who break the law, should be confronting the consequences of their acts. But the ones who come here to work and do not harm to no one, why can't we show some solidarity to them, do you think it is easy for any of us to leave our families and friends and come here or to other country to try to make our lives easier, If I'm not grown, most of Americans now, are immigrant descendants, lest see, Anglo-Americans, Afro-Americans, Latino Americans... so you see, we are all Americans. Lets Put True Criminals in Jail, Latinos, whites or wherever color our skin happen to be, what really counts is what is inside no out. so let limit our anger and focus it to the real criminals. Yes I'm not on favor or gangs, but also I’m not on favor of stereotyping my people either. peace and love to all.

On Police Arrest Fourth in Eastside Attack

Posted on October 12 at 12:01 p.m.

It is time to teach and practice acceptance instead of tolerance in our communities, because it is unacceptable that our different churches still teaching intolerance to minority groups such as the homosexual community. I will prefer to walk away from any religion that teaches intolerance against any minority group. I do not understand how a church leader preaches about the love of God, but they are always condemning with a total HATE the people that they think that are different. They judge people with high moral values that most of the time they themselves do not practice. If God is love, who are they to tell the rest that they are not part of Gods love? LOVE IS LOVE NOT HATE.

On Organizations Hold LGBTQ Youth Vigil

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