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Posted on October 9 at 6:18 a.m.

This forum reminds of me of runs off the rails almost immediately, away from the issue at hand and morphs into a pet peeve spew. Meanwhile, back at the scene of the accident...not sure from the article that firm conclusions can be drawn about what the motivations were nor circumstances that placed not only the idiot driver but a girlfriend and two young kids in the stolen truck with him. Certainly not your run of the mill high speed chase. Usually they don't involve girlfriends and children. Guy like that should never be allowed to drive again in California.

On Three Hurt In Violent Crash After High Speed Chase

Posted on February 20 at 6:38 a.m.

The issue I have with this is the "drive-through America" problem. It's disgusting, especially on a warm summer day, to see long lines of cars waiting to order and pickup food or visit the bank...all with engines running, gas a-guzzling, fumes belching and why? To order "fast" food (which ain't so fast if you have to wait in long lines for it) from the car 'cause the driver and/or passengers are too lazy to park and walk inside. Apart from folks with disabilities, I see no reason for any enlightened community to tolerate drive-through anything any longer. And frankly, many of those waiting in line to eat crappy fast food could do well with the exercise of getting out of the car and walking in now and then.

On Chick-fil-A Drive-Through Posing Problems

Posted on October 10 at 8:40 a.m.


Thanks for the compliment. I always strive to deliver a clear and cogent message whenever I write and so I'm glad you understood what I wrote. I wish I could say the same for your comments but I cannot. I could guess what you're trying to convey but since it's your thoughts that are unclear and do not pertain to the initial thread, it seems unfair to judge the content of your post by inference and innuendo. Perhaps you could do the forum a favor and be more specific so we can understand your point and respond to it accordingly. Thanks.

On An Afternoon with Rachel Maddow

Posted on October 10 at 7:24 a.m.

Yo, Kingprawn,

This forum might be better served if you stick to the discussion at hand. I'm not sure why you floated the dead red herring of the word "pundit" since neither Stumbling Distance nor I used it in our posts. There are tens of thousands of words in English that we also didn't use and though you might wish to debase us for appearing not to understand them either, I believe I'm responsible only for the words I actually used, not what you imagined I wrote. But to your point.."A pundit is someone who offers to mass media his or her opinion or commentary on a particular subject area, most typically political analysis" (per Wikipedia). How does that negate anything I said...or contravene what I wrote?

On An Afternoon with Rachel Maddow

Posted on October 9 at 9:51 a.m.

Perhaps one day we'll have a well-reasoned opinion from a dissenting point of view that isn't tainted with baseless detractions, misspellngs, and punctuation errors. Is there anyone on the right that can match Rachel Maddow's wit, intellect, and research...and deliver a message free of shrill rhetoric and blatant hypocrisy? I would dearly love to listen to such a commentator if he or she exists to get an honest point of view from the other side. Of course the left has its share of Sean Hannity prototypes and they are just as repugnant to me as Sean is. But hands off Rachel, Sr. Stumbling Distance...she's the real deal and Santa Babara knows it. The Arlington was a sell out...and just imagine how much greater the demand for tickets might have been if a Grateful Dead reunion concert had not been playing simultaneously at the County Bowl.

On An Afternoon with Rachel Maddow

Posted on June 27 at 6:23 a.m.

Very sad and chilling indeed. The brief story mentions finding the weight belt on the ocean floor. Was it still fastened shut? Therein lies a lot of information if so.

On Search Underway for Missing Diver Off Channel Islands

Posted on May 4 at 7:59 a.m.

Glad to know that couple got some relief to their tragedy. The Bonfire Bunch skated as we all know but there remains some unfinished business therein, I imagine. I heard in the aftermath of the Tea Fire, that some of those kids were connected to some very deep pockets. I'm sure teams of attorneys combed over the prospects for lawsuits back then and the best they could come up with were the owners of the property. It will be interesting to see, now that some financial culpability apparently has been established (does "settling" constitute precedent?...dunno, I'm not an attorney, just asking...) if more complaints are directed in that direction.

On Burn Victims Agree to $6 Million Settlement with Tea Garden Owner

Posted on April 25 at 8:52 a.m.

I too dislike unsightly graffiti but we have all seen brilliant and artful displays created on public walls with cans of spraypaint. Would be interesting to see a photo of what they "created" before it is erased. I know that successful mural displays have been commissioned by exasperated cities to collaborate with rather than fight graffiti artists in urban areas throughout the US. Maybe some thought ought to be given to providing a concrete canvas somewhere here in SB. I can see it now: rigorous peer review, art critics raves, maybe a wine and cheese reception and a meet and greet with the artists. Oh, wait a minute, these were teenagers. Okay, Red Bull and Cheetos.

On Cops Nab Six Teens for Graffiti

Posted on February 29 at 5:50 a.m.

Your empathy needs a new battery. How nice that you have never "gotten lost" but armchair quarterbacking is easy, especially on Monday morning. Further, it's easy to impugn a "couple from LA" who likely didn't know the area and didn't prepare sufficiently. But who knows what the actual on-the-ground conditions were at the time these folks lost the trail. It's always straightforward until it isn't. I agree that perhaps cellphones have enabled too many people to venture out into the world less prepared (than back in the days of Columbus, Lewis and Clark, and you) knowing a communication safety net was there but we really don't know the details in this case...So, give these guys a least they didn't start a fire!

On Multiple Hikers Rescued Near Cathedral Peak

Posted on February 26 at 4:33 p.m.

Thanks Etna. Do you know that now for sure (that it was a transformer fire) or is that a guess based on the circumstances? If you do so? Do tell....

On Small Fire on Gibraltar Road

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