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Posted on November 20 at 10:22 a.m.

If you think gay people have equal rights, you should look into how many legal benefits come with marriage in this country. Civil Unions do not offer anywhere near the benefits that a marriage does under law.

On Santa Barbarans Protest Prop. 8

Posted on November 19 at 1:12 p.m.

"School rules ban alcohol and limit opposite sex dorm visits on campus. With these rules in place, it's only natural that *some* kids will break them-- smoke or drink or have sex off campus. The college should expect this, and plan for it. Why wouldn't Westmont safety officers patrol the Tea Garden, if it was a well known party spot?"

Should UCSB enact no drinking policies and hire private security guards roam IV and enforce them? Should your work enforce its "drug free" policy by monitoring events where multiple employees gather?
Westmont may be able to impose rules to students on campus, but what they do off campus is their choice and their own responsibility. The school does not need to impose on their personal lives and follow them around. If police officers were to patrol the area for people that are breaking the law (ex: trespassing), then that is a totally different story.

On Tea Fire Cause Is Determined

Posted on November 19 at 9:57 a.m.

There is a lot of anger and hatred in the comments I have read above. I understand that people are furious about this fire, but I believe that many of the commenters have taken this way too far. The Tea Fire was a tragedy, and the effects it has had on this community are immeasurable. However, the way in which many of you are attacking the individuals that caused this fire is out of line.
While my first question after reading this story was which school these students belong to, frankly it doesn't matter. The school did not cause the fire, and should not be blamed for it or held accountable. Calls to fine the school or shut it down are rediculous, this was not a school sanctioned event but an act of individuals who happened to attend the same school. If they had all happened to attend the same church would there be a call to shut it down? What if they all happened to work at cottage hospital? The link of the school may have brought them together, but it is not the schools fault that they were engaged in this activity.
Attacking the religious or political affiliations of the students is also out of line. Assuming they are "rich kids" and spoiled is also showing classism and ageism. These 10 young adults did not start a fire as representatives of any particular group, many of your attacks against them appear to be attacks against their peers who had nothing to do with this incident at all.
People have a right to be emotional about this, but please try to be reasonable. These 10 will have to live with this accident for the rest of their lives. They had no malicious intentions and surely the thought that their partying could cause any kind of trouble never crossed their minds. It was a very stupid mistake, but it was just that, a mistake. Their case should be reviewed in court, and go through due process. However, we should not instantly jump to the conclusion that they are horrible monsters that should be locked up for the rest of their lives. They were very likely innocent people looking to have a peaceful good time, and made a mistake that will haunt them every day for the rest of their lives.
Put down the pitchforks people.

On Tea Fire Cause Is Determined

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