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Posted on January 22 at 2:58 p.m.

I am the owner of the dog that was killed. His name was Billy and he was by far one of the kindest dog's I've ever known. I truly wish that Mr. Ford had done more research before writing and publishing this article. There are several inaccuracies in this article, most importantly Billy's size. He was not 65 lbs. But rather 50 lbs and only 1.5 feet high. There were two hunters there and many other options besides shooting Billy. As Mr. Ford writes, 'to keep incidents like this from happening' I believe that the hunters should have used their heads could have done several other things to protect themselves, including discharging the gun in the air, hitting the dog with the gun, or kicking the dog away. Billy has NEVER bitten anyone in his too short life and would have stopped barking, because that's all he was doing, if the hunter had used another course of action. I cannot get Billy back but what would make me happy is to know that people in our community are aware that there are hunters in the back country and that something like this can happen. Hunters take on a responsibility when carrying a gun and this particular hunter abused his rights to carry one. Mr. Ford I'll be contacting your editor.

On Dog Shot and Killed on Santa Cruz Trail

Posted on May 8 at 8:09 p.m.

Does anyone know anything about west camino cielo? Any information would be helpful. Our house burned in the tea fire and we're hoping that our new house is still there...

On Assessing What's Burned

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