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Posted on April 9 at 12:23 p.m.

A friend of mine purchased a birthday cake at Xanadu on April 7th, 2009 to bring to a birthday party I attended that same evening. Once we cut into the cake we could see ribbons of greenish-blue throughout the entire cake! We were not sure if the ribbons were mold however, and thought they must be blueberries. My friend took one bite of the cake and unfortunately discovered it was indeed MOLD!!! And the cake had been purchased not more than a couple hours ago from Xanadu!
While my friend spent the day battling food poisoning, two of my friends contacted Xanadu regarding the cake. The bakery's explanation was that the clerk must have grabbed the wrong cake from the refrigerator - apparently, cakes over a couple days old are put in the refrigerator and saved to donate to the homeless (!) - I'm not sure which is worse - knowingly selling an old, most likely moldy, cake, or thinking it's perfectly OK to donate a moldy cake to the homeless? It's appalling either way and I refuse to ever set foot in Xanadu again.

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