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Posted on December 1 at 6:01 p.m.


I am not at UCSB, instead at Walden University which is like Antioch or the University of Phoenix. They do not offer that like the University of California, which I am aware of as a graduate of the University of California Berkeley that required the purchase of healthcare insurance as a condition of enrollment when I was there. The school is just as challenging, but does of any such services. Thanks for the information!

Lorenzo Ramirez

On Cottage Responds to Series on Hospital Discharges of Homeless

Posted on December 1 at 1:24 p.m.

I am a homeless student who completed a Masters with honors, and start my second quarter of a PhD with a 4.0 GPA. Yet, my student financial aid does not cover housing. During school, I was sick, had no access to healthcare, and got so ill that I ended up at Cottage Hospital 13 days ago unable to breath and an infection that made it difficult to walk. Yet, 3 days later I was on the road to recovery. Since released, the last 10 days is the best breathing days in the last 3.5 years, lung capacity should be 625, and I scored 800 today. The infection in my leg is 20% of its original size. In other words, the hospital made my recovery from illness possible. The hospital attempted to facilitate temporary housing, but realized that the options would be worse, because I do not fit the typical profile and could sleep in a warm car. In addition, the attempted to assist with a follow up doctor appointment, and a way to pay for prescriptions. However, the County of Santa Barbara denied me credit to pay for $600 worth of prescriptions and a follow up doctor appointment. The result was I did not qualify for any government aid, did not get any prescriptions, and did not get to see a doctor.

Nevertheless, Cottage Hospital did what was possible, and cured my illnesses. They cannot control local, state, and federal policies governing aid to needy, and had no options for referrals since I would not qualify for any, because my income is a before tuition income. In other words, there are no programs for anyone fitting my demographic profile.

Thus, the blaming of government agencies, Hospitals, nonprofits, political parties, the economy, or any other entity is a waste of time. The system is an imperfect one that will have those that fall through the cracks like the poor woman who died, and individuals such as myself, but the system is the democratic system we choose to have to govern our social, political, and economic practices that come at a price. In my case, the price is applied to over 4000 job posting, will continue to apply for jobs, continue to maintain honors in my studies, and keep plugging away instead blaming an imperfect system I choose to live in.

More importantly, the solution requires more collaboration between private, public, nonprofit, and NGO sectors to prevent people from falling through the cracks. In other words, there is not enough collaborations that identify the issues that lead to the woman and me falling through the cracks. Once the problems are identified, solutions developed, solutions implemented, and implementations evaluated, then can we begin to come to real progress.

Moreover, if being homeless is what is required to live in our democratic system while getting PhD in Organizational Psychology & Development then that is something I will gladly do just be a be an American whose father enlisted here in Santa Barbara on December 7, 1941 to defend our way of life and system.

Lorenzo Ramirez

On Cottage Responds to Series on Hospital Discharges of Homeless

Posted on September 18 at 7:31 a.m.

The chimp article is an excellent altruistic gesture, the intent is well placed, presents a valid and logical argument, and is commendable. However, I think we need to solve that problem amongst humans before we start thinking we know what best for other species. I am saying that from numerous experiences and can truly empathize with chimps, but we need to practice the suggested behavior amongst ourselves first before we start acting self-righteous. That pain amongst humans is an epidemic, and voids my willingness to support an issue that runs in contradiction to human behavior. The pain millions of humans face from the same treatment has ranking importance, the pain is one that never goes away, the pain grow daily, and after 43 years in one case and 5 years in another I have to admit the prospect of ever feeling happy is impossible at this point especially when it is exactly the scenario presented in the article.

On Faith and Mercy

Posted on September 15 at 3:25 p.m.

With standards like the ones we have that are way too low, the species will not survive when the pollution is so bad you can smell it (is not human waste either), and when we say it is safe makes all sides and myself included responsible for the ill health that will befall the children of our state.

I am the first for all sides working together for economic prosperity, but this is so ridiculous I should be ashamed of myself for not stepping up quicker. However, some of us do not enjoy the right of having the privilege of doing something productive to stop behaviors that affect all of the children of the global economic powerhouse player our great Republic of California.

On Beach Sampling Results, Sept. 13

Posted on June 23 at 3:24 p.m.


The Rotary Club exhibited concern for the global and local community with character beyond reproach by assisting those not in the best situation. I have to commend their actions especially in the case of scholarships for El Puente Students to encourage their efforts. I say this as a person who attended a similar school as a youth at a probation office in California, a graduate of Santa Barbara City College & University of California Berkeley, will receive a MS in Industrial Psychology in 2011, and start a PhD in Industrial Psychology in 2011. The battle some of those youth are facing needs organizations like the Rotary Club to encourage and acknowledge their efforts. That ensures they become assets for their community instead of burdens, because many do not have the drive like myself who has paid his own way with no encouragement and funding from any source but myself. The groups and community members who follow their example are creating the potential in individuals who have been in trouble to get a second chance if they are willing to take it. In other words, the Rotary Club is creating a community environment that is more cohesive, caring, undivided, and honoring the community they serve. More importantly, the example they set honors our nation and makes me proud to be and call myself an American. Keep up the good work!

Lorenzo Ramirez

On Rotary Chooses the Ambassadorial Scholar for 2011, Awards Graduate Assistance Grants to El Puente Community Students

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