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Posted on May 27 at 1:41 p.m.

Exactly Eckermann.

Maybe I should ask the CEO of Plains All American Pipeline if he wants to volunteer to scrub my toilet.

On Refugio Cleanup Takes Applications

Posted on May 5 at 12:08 p.m.

@pardall Totally agree. I wonder why they get a free pass? I'm sure the enormous slip fees might have a bit to do with it, but half a ton of trash is ridiculous. I wonder how much of that was toxic, or how much trash floated off into the ocean? Surfing at the spit must be hazardous to your health.

On Harbor Cleanup Yields Bicycles, Cell Phones, Toilet

Posted on April 16 at 12:47 p.m.

911 is a joke?

On S.B. Officials Peeved at State 9-1-1 Agency

Posted on April 3 at 2:53 p.m.

If this article was about trash at the pit, dog sh*t at mesa lane, or leaky sewer pipes in hope ranch/montecito/rincon/mesa, I would gladly volunteer some insults to that regard, but alas... this article is about a specific topic, hence the straw man argument (maybe I'm using that terminology incorrect... I dunno). We are specifically talking about floatopia, so to change the subject and point the finger everywhere else (even if it is a well deserved finger wave) seems to me like a cop out. I do however respect your opinion and your concern for where you live. We probably agree about more things than you might think.

I understand your testiness in regards to the community that you obviously care a lot about. IV does certainly get more than it's fair share of bad press, but a lot of it is well justified (the senseless tragedies that have occurred there over the years really do sting), and I'm sure on the flip side, a lot of it is hot air that gets blown out of proportion and is unjustified.

I think a lot of the problems (wether they are real or not) could certainly be solved if either the 800 pound gorilla UCSB would take more responsibility for the town and community where the majority of their students reside, or if there was more local governance along the lines of what IVPR I think has at least attempted to do. Every politician wants the student vote, but when it comes to IV actually obtaining city status, where are they to be found? They only seem to show up when there is a photo op, which to me is just pathetic. Lip service comes to mind.

IV was certainly a different place when I lived there. There was still massive parties going on, and certainly some crazy a** brawls that got out of hand, but that was before the IVFP shut down live music, which I think is at least partially responsible for the environment that exists today. People just seemed to care a bit more about everything in general back then. If a girl was drunk, a safe walk back home was given. If a guy was drunk and passing out on the street, everyone seemed to care enough to make sure that he got home safely as well. No one wanted to see people wind up in the county jail. Maybe it was better off being more self regulating, instead of what it is today, where the massive police presence seems to do more harm than good. Sorry for getting nostalgic, but I love and cherish the time I spent in IV. Good and bad.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 3 at 11:59 a.m.

Try reading my post again pardall. If you don't think I've expressed any personal ire towards every single situation of disrespect towards the environment clearly than you need better reading comprehension. You think I enjoy stepping in dog sh*t at mesa lane? I call those those people out every damn time, as well as the stus who come down there and think it's ok to leave all their trash behind. Keep on slinging the insults though, hope it makes you feel better. yolo bro. that IV kool aid must be good.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 3 at 11:05 a.m.

Well thank you pardall for volunteering your time to care for the environment. My whole point was that none of the trash, even .2%, should ever be left on the beach or anywhere else but a F******* trash can.

so yeah.

1) thanks for caring about the environment enough to clean up after people who obviously do not. the alleged inaccuracy of the media reports will not change my personal opinion.

2) not sure what point you are attempting to make here, I personally will still believe that the environment was indeed "slighted", you obviously "perceive" things quite differently.

3) is a strawman argument. we aren't talking about what gets dumped at the pit, the harbor, the mesa or anywhere else, we are talking specifically about what happened in IV. I obviously don't like the beaches and ocean getting trashed in any of those places either, or anywhere else for that matter.

4) same as above, although I might add that I'm thankful that all who "celebrated" the first floatopia weren't crapping in the ocean, although you are correct- leaky sewers and runoff is a major problem not just here locally, but everywhere.

But keep on trying to insult me personally if you see fit. I lived and worked in IV for at least a decade, and I've always applauded the work of the adopt-a-block volunteers, the EAB and the rest of the folks in IV such as yourself that helped to counteract the irresponsibility of those who choose to disrespect nature. The coastline around IV, and all parts north and south are really beautiful places, and that's why I care enough to post my "fecal-coliform induced bile" opinions here. I'm glad that you care too. Come on down to the lane sometime. Just watch out for the dog sh*t.

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on April 2 at 4:21 p.m.

Who cleaned up all the trash that was floating around out in the ocean Pardallchewinggumspot? The trash that was found washing up on beaches miles away? UCSB students? The fact of the matter is that UCSB students completely trashed that beach. Yes, some more responsible UCSB students who actually care about the environment came the next day and did actually clean up what was left of the trash THE NEXT DAY, but by that time the tide had come in and washed a lot of it out to sea.

"Both the Associated Students Environmental Affairs Board and Coastal Fund organized beach cleanups for the day of the event, but those efforts were thwarted because the party lasted much longer than expected. By the time of the second scheduled cleanup, most of the debris had already been carried out on the high tide. "

So yeah..... Go Gauchos!

On County, Cops Brace for Deltopia

Posted on March 25 at 10:24 a.m.

Great photos!

On Photog Richard Salas Takes Us On an Underwater Adventure

Posted on September 12 at 2:14 p.m.

So she helps found Art for Scrap, runs it successfully for 25(!) years, and then is fired with no notice or valid reason and then given 30 minutes to clear out? Seriously? The Board of Directors should be downright ashamed, and as far as Michael Hamman's lame a** statements at the end of the article- what a BS attempt to divert attention from the cowardly way the board treated someone who gave 25 years of her life to our community through one of the great non-profits that we have here locally. Who is going to give them any money after this?

Who is going to replace her? Director of Development Stephen McIntosh who was previously at Allied Waste?

Ashley W. Hollister, Darcy Bradley, James Cunningham, Scott Estby, Michael Hamman, Joanne Hollister, Simon Kiefer, Sally Kingston, Lorrie Thomas Ross, Kathy Snow - you all are a bunch of heartless cowards. You reap what you sow.

On Art Boss Scrapped

Posted on January 22 at 6:04 p.m.

Seriously? The dog barked at them and looked "aggressive" and their first reaction is to just shoot it? Really? Judging from the photo above and the photos on edhat, Billy looks pretty damn harmless. If two grown men armed with rifles felt like their lives were in danger at any point, I just don't know what to say. Maybe grow a set?

At no point in the article does it say that the dog charged them, and if it did a swift kick would do the trick...or throw a rock..or strike him with the rifle butt/barrel.. It's not like Billy was some large breed dog known for mauling grown men.

Trigger happy cowards.

On Dog Shot and Killed on Santa Cruz Trail

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