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Posted on June 28 at 12:53 a.m.

am I the only one? I hope not!

On Board Bugs Out Over Citrus Pest

Posted on June 28 at 12:51 a.m.

this brave and lovely state senator from Austin......who had been attacked for years....

(a fellow senator said (she asked if he had heard her)

He said...."I don't think I can hear women's voices" (he actually said that!)
I guess he heard hers last night!

OMIGOD! She makes me so proud!


She is my HERO!!!

On Board Bugs Out Over Citrus Pest

Posted on June 28 at 12:41 a.m.

The very fact that pesticides were sprayed on "active bees' (when bees are endangered ) is "government gone completely insane!!" (in Goleta!!)

I had a wonderful group of "sustainable gardeners" for a meeting at my house and garden (sustainable; no kill,,,,)

And they taught me; and all of the attendees A LOT!


ps if we don't preserve bees......we (Human beings) will be extinct in less than 100 years!!!!

so I am involved for my grandchildren!

Go grandparents! stand up against pesticides; hormones and antibiotics.......(did you know that 80 percent of antibiotics sold int the USA ARE SOLD and given to animals? Factory Farm animals.
this is a fact!

My son-in-law almost died.....(at 50) because of this travesty!

We need to rise up and reclaim the right to "safe food"!

Right now; 90% of our food is "NOT SAFE" And look to the "Food Babe"

Thank God for her! She is beautiful; courageous, and she has passion......and a mission!

How proud of that wonderful woman in Austin last night!

We need to give her a HUGE " SHOUT OUT!!!"


On Board Bugs Out Over Citrus Pest

Posted on May 24 at 12:56 a.m.

Barney! I think you have a problem with hyphens!

Check out your column (which I dearly love) online! There are weird hyphens! Don't think you meant to have them!

Just so you know!!


On More Mesa’s Nine Lives

Posted on April 5 at 12:39 a.m.

This is wonderful news!

I was just there a few weeks ago!

this is great!

sometimes it takes a long time to undo wrongs; environmentally!

this is a great example of one!



On Ocean Meadows Golf Course Closes

Posted on March 20 at 12:34 a.m.

Oh, by the way! This bail is appropriate! I hope is also on "suicide watch"!
Thank God no one died.
A "throat slash" like that would usually result in death!

this kid meant to murder!

Very, very sad!

On Man Cuts Throat of Dinner Guest

Posted on March 20 at 12:29 a.m.

I would guess that this is the son of the very talented landscape architect: Sam Maphis. this is heartbreaking!

Sam Maphis, Sr. (sorry, it is the only way to tell it!)
Is a welcome face at "Ennisbrook Design Review Board"
meetings! (I call us the "taste police" in the subdivision of Ennisbrook.

How tragic that this young man has a mental illness; and he either stopped his medication; or was not getting the right medication!

the good news; The victim survived! Thanks to our local paramedics and ER staff!

I hope this young man is hospitalized soon; and not released until he is no longer a threat to others, I admire his uncle for "taking him in"!

I also understand a family "hoping" a child will "get better"!
There is a lesson here:

"denial" does not work in cases like this. It is a complete miracle that this victim survived. This young man needs to be behind bars......for his own protection; and the protection of others!

On Man Cuts Throat of Dinner Guest

Posted on March 7 at 11:47 p.m.

We are lucky enough to have the most well-trained, courageous, strong and (handsome oops! that doesn't count) firefighters , in the whole country!

Bravo! there are many places in this country where the firefighters would not be ABLE to rescue a beloved dog! Time, rules, who knows what would prevent them!
Ours are able, willing, and take such care as to insure the dog did not suffocate during the ordeal by supplying oxygen!!!

My deepest appreciation; and my largest kudos to our absolutely wonderful fire department! True heroes; all of you!


ps my admiration of firemen goes way back. in 1982; our house in Pasadena, California (with my husband and me, and our three daughters; burned down to the ground. ) 5 am my husband woke up with the roof starting to catch on fire. It had been building all night! in the attic (you need a smoke alarm in the attic! all of our smoke alarms worked; but smoke goes up! make sure you have one in the attic!)

Firemen saved 95% of the contents.......95% of the structure lost. Everyone alive (two adults, three pre-teens; two cats, two dogs, one pet rat) alive!! AND almost all of our "contents were saved!!!"!

When the fire was out; those firemen carried all of our "contents" out of our house. Never breaking one single thing!
Every single thing! It looked like a "yard sale!"

When we rebuilt our house; I invited the firemen to come to the "Phoenix" party! And they did! They so appreciated seeing the "rebuilt house"; they had never been invited to that before!

I wave and throw kisses! Every time I see a fire engine!

(who the heck is that old bat? I am sure they say!)

They are the BEST!!!)
How fabulous you got that picture with that dog! Tears streamed down my face at the wonderful story; and the memories it brought back!
thank you!!!


On Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped in Drainage Pipe

Posted on February 25 at 12:31 a.m.

If we let our trees be in charge of the "Edison Company"; eventually there will not be one more tree left that is not completely vandalized or chopped down in our city.

The trees in Montecito have been "butchered"; topped and horrendously trimmed; by the Edison Company!

Why is this allowed? You people have to start being active in protecting your neighborhood trees!

It is up to you! And you won't be notified! Just, "poof"!!

No more trees in your neighborhood!



On West Valerio Palms Cut Down

Posted on February 25 at 12:25 a.m.

This is revolting! "Santa Barbara Beautiful" is an ineffectual, and pathetic excuse for a "board". It is not successful at preventing lovely trees from being summarily removed for bogus and poor reasons. Remember the canopy of trees in (I think the 700 block of State Street?) It was lovely! Suddenly; they were all chopped down. Palm trees (which do not make any canopy at all) were substituted !

I resigned from the board. It was just too sad. Some lame excuse about the sidewalks was floated. We all know that is very easily rectified. It is revolting! "Santa Barbara Beautiful" is not about, "Santa Barbara" being beautiful! AT ALL!!

Shame on them!!!

It broke my heart.

It continues to.

Penelope Bianchi

On West Valerio Palms Cut Down

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